Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

"Gets confusing, especially at weddings."

My friends Steve and Deej got married on Saturday, at a fabulous 17th-century house in the Surrey countryside.

The photo below shows my place card from the wedding dinner. My name was written down the side, I hasten to add, but doesn't show up in the pic.

I was kind of privileged because most guests had butterfly-shaped place cards, and only about half a dozen people got a TARDIS! I asked the groom about it and he said they'd decided the TARDISes were too fiddly to make lots and lots, so they'd given them to "the people who would appreciate them more". Bless!

No Reapers, Racnoss or Nostrovites turned up, and the bride didn't have pockets, but nonetheless a very lovely day was had by all.
Tags: doctor who, real life
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