Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Music to grope brains by

Did you know that Heroes has a theme song in France? And here's the full song by Victoria Petrosillo. The words "Zut alors" don't begin to cover it, do they?

But despite its tragic lack of singing, I'm still having obscene amounts of fun with season 3 and making lots of overexcited noises at the television, especially at the following points in episode 3x06:
  • CHEERS! at the dusty demise of Adam. Sorry, David Anders fans, but he did absolutely nothing for me, and I am hoping that he never returns (although I'm prepared for some ridiculous turnabout since this is Heroes, after all).
  • GIGGLES! at Peter and Sylar squabbling in their pyjamas like a couple of sulky twelve-year-olds who should really get over their obsession with parental validation (oh boys, you're so mature).
  • HEADSCRATCHING! at the fact that the Company's facilities seem to be very well stocked with hair products and stylish jackets that can be randomly picked up by casual escapees (at least those who are related to the lady boss).
  • HILARITY! at Peter's little hissy fit about being the most SPESHUL.
  • EYE-ROLLING! at Mohinder's insectoid insistence on taking Nathan's shirt off for no reason at all.
  • GASPS! at the gobsmacking bad-assery that is Petrelli Senior, who now seems to be the most superpowered pensioner in the history of the world.
  • SCHADENFREUDE! as all Peter's speshulness gets sucked out in two seconds flat, but his face-pulling powers remain intact (phew!). I'm guessing that this gives the writers a welcome chance to reboot his abilities from scratch, because they were getting so story-stoppingly ridiculous (while remaining indirectly proportional to his ability to display any common sense whatsoever, hem hem).
  • WONDER! Will the whole thing will unravel into a pile of silliness before it all gets resolved? Does it even matter?

And before I leave matters televisual, I don't really have anything to add to the latest Who news, apart from saying that he's probably just miffed that Donna's left him for Sylar...
Tags: foreign languages, heroes
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