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For ages, I've had a vague yearning to become a vidder, just so that I could remake the title sequence for Heroes in the style of Dynasty. After all, the dramatic similarities between the two are too striking to ignore these days (don't look at me like that - it's a good thing!). Anyway, I was delighted to find that someone has already made that vid. The picture quality's not great, but I nonetheless giggled heartily like the 80s throwback I am.

For some reason, flailing over Heroes always feels like a guilty pleasure to me, so on the off-chance that one or two of you are still as gripped by this superpowered clambake as I am, here are my thoughts on 3x11: The Eclipse Part 2.

Read on to find out what Sylar has in common with the Doctor, what Mr Bennet has in common with Camilla Parker-Bowles, and why continuity geeks may save the world:

  • It will come as a surprise to nobody that what's been exercising my mind most lately is the Bennet/Sylar/Elle bizarre love triangle. With three people in the relationship, it's never easy, and Mr Bennet sure as heck isn't happy about being the third wheel. Nonetheless, it was considerate of him to let Sylar and Elle finish shagging before trying to kill them. (Bet he had the telescope trained through the window the whole time, pervy thing.)

    Still, it can't be denied that Mr B's state of mind is now totally one-track and it's all Sylar, Sylar, Sylar. Bennet can't stop thinking about him! He wants to run away and be with him at every moment! His passion has blinded him to common sense! They are so alike! They should be together forever! (Or maybe not. There's the whole demented sociopath thing, obviously. And I bet Mrs B would pull one hell of a disapproving face.)

  • "What if it IS permanent?" Oh Elle, Elle, Elle. Don't you know that you've just done the equivalent of saying that you want to stay with the Doctor forever? The clanging you hear is the foreshadowing of imminent relationship DOOM. Except that in this case, doom doesn't clang: it makes horrid squelchy noises. Yick. Young Gabriel might be have been talking the talk, but did you really think he was a man for mortgages? And come to think of it, weren't you all dismissive of his responsible streak last week, because you'd signed up for a bad-boy boyfriend? As the proverb goes, you can't have your delicious shirtless psychopath cheesecake and eat him. (Unfortunate, I know.)

    Anyway, given these similarities, it's rather ironic when this Company-crossed pair find themselves stranded on Bad Wolf Bay at the end. And it's also rather gruesome. At least the Doctor just fails to say he loves 'em, then leaves 'em, while Sylar's solution to girlfriend problems is much, MUCH nastier. (You could say that he loves 'em and cleaves 'em.) I note, however, that Sylar pulls sex faces that are MUCH less ecstatic than the ones he pulls while slicing heads open, thus proving that Sylar/brains is the OTP that trumps all others.

  • And still with Sylar: so he's NOT a Petrelli brother now? Or is there some paperwork-related double-cross at Primatech, and he actually IS? And if he's not, just what IS he? Was he grown in a vat by fangirls, perhaps? Is it sheer coincidence that he can emulate Peter's power? Is my original assumption that he, Peter and Arthur all have exactly the same power now rendered unlikely? Is my even wilder guess that Sylar was going to be the one to give Peter's powers back to him in some yet-to-be-explained handwavy way now utterly squished?

    Frankly, I can only echo the words of the man himself: "I used to understand everything, but nothing makes sense." This may account for why I keep drifting off into reveries about how nice Sylar's hair is. Particularly in the drugstore scene, didn't you think? That longer look is really something. Mmm.

  • HIRO! Finally, he gets something to do, and he does it brilliantly. I literally cheered at "Save the cheerleader!" - it was a moment of cleverness that they pulled off brilliantly.

  • Peter and Nathan, watching the Haitian break his brother's brain with his advanced face-pulling powers - this was a moment of Foreshadowing (brother vs brother!) and Symbolism (TM) that they thwacked in with a sledgehammer. Oh well. I am a little bit interested to see who eventually ends up doing the breaking and who ends up the break-ee, though.

  • A few quick thoughts to finish:
    • Isn't Daphne's dad sweet?
    • Gosh, being non-invulnerable had a terrible effect on Claire's wig. Perhaps it was years of home bleaching catching up with her.
    • Oz and his fellow Comic Book Guy geeking out was corny but fun. "Kirby Plaza doesn't count!" Thank goodness somebody on screen is keeping track of these things, because I can't. And hooray for Isaac's sketchbook, because I just rewatched season 1 and wondered whether it would ever return.

  • In conclusion: I cannot take the suspense and fear the next couple of episodes will shake my tattered nerves even further. And goodness only knows how I'll manage over the hiatus. Wibble a lot, probably.

In other Heroes news, the delightful Mr Quinto clearly saw my last post about his anatomy AND my liking for men doing acrobatics, and took it upon himself to shamelessly pander to my demographic with this photo. Bless...
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