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And somewhere else, a copyright is getting infringed

It was an uncharacteristically grim visit to Merlin-land this week, but one thing did make me laugh.

Yes, I'm sure there are other sources in which the secret of alchemy is called a Mage Stone, but this was the first thought I had when I heard the name:

Please don't sue us, JK!

A few other thoughts on To Kill The King:
  • Since the plot of Merlin can usually be summarized as "Merlin and Arthur love each other very much", I suppose it makes a refreshing change that this week's story can be encapsulated as "Morgana and Gwen love each other very much". And also "Morgana and Uther also love each other very much, but in a non-sexual, familial sort of way, no honestly, stop looking at each other like that". Nonetheless, I rather missed Arthur, although his heartfelt but incompetent attempt at being all understanding and new-mannish was quite sweet.

  • Morgana has a good range of imperious facial expressions, but she's rubbish at sneaking about. As everyone knows, the first rule of this deception lark is you don't talk about this deception lark you wear something discreet for creeping about the castle at night. Not some hugely voluminous and expensive flowing robe that gives you a recognizable silhouette from about half a mile away. Sheesh.

  • The Dragon is clearly getting bored with the standard Uther-is-a-fascist storylines, and is anxious to skip ahead to the Arthur-is-king-and-immediately-legalizes-gay-marriage stuff that he's been so diligently writing fanfiction about. No wonder he's been so tetchy lately. But I'm sure the Beeb want to make the current status quo last as long as possible, so he's going to have a long wait on his claws.

  • In conclusion: a lot less fun than usual, but a welcome change of pace with a decent build-up of tension towards the end, and some decent character development for Morgana and Uther. Gwen pulled the short straw since she mainly had to look upset and then look stoic and brave, and since I imagine that next week's episode isn't likely to have much for her to do either, she's going to have to wait for a second series to get interesting.

  • Next week's trailer: DRAMA! I won't say any more, but I predict bitten fingernails across the country with possible outbreaks of tears before bedtime....
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