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Tingle all the way

Yesterday I popped into my local branch of Forbidden Planet in the interests of a bit of Christmas shopping (don't ask, it's not going well), and while browsing, my eye was drawn by the Heroes action figures. In addition to the fact that plastic-Sylar comes with a cute little plastic brain to play with (bless), I was most struck by the fact that all the figures cost about £15, with one exception -- Mohinder has been relegated to the bargain bin and can be snapped up for £5.99. Yes, he's been credit-crunched! Perhaps his profit margin and his level of common sense are index-linked?

Anyway, here are a few thoughts on 3x12: Our Father:

  • Of course, there's no actual Christmas in Heroes-land, but this episode did contain a number of plotlines that could be creatively construed as festive: Arthur and his merry band of elves hunting for the elusive ingredient that's going to put an extra kick in the cocktails at the Pinehearst Christmas party, Hiro trying to find out where his mum and dad hid the most sought-after gift of the season, and Sylar shunning the idea of family get-togethers and preparing a freshly roasted bird of his own...

    (Sorry, sorry, I'm a sick person.)

  • I now realize that what I found so sweet about Hiro gleefully grabbing Claire's hand and teleporting off with her was that the Japanese for "Save the cheerleader" sounds rather like "Cheerleader, squee!" Well, strictly speaking, it sounded more like "squeh", but close enough for a giggle.

  • The flashback to the rooftop handover scene sparked a small hope that we might get to see Christopher Eccleston, but alas, no. Of course, an invisible Christopher Eccleston could easily be in ALL episodes, but at least we know he was actually in the vicinity for some of this.

  • Anyway, lots to enjoy in the past: Hiro's lovely mum, Mrs Bennet exploring the thrilling world of frosted eyeshadow, Claire changing her own nappy, HRG letting his big softie side come out for once. Even Hiro and little!Hiro doing identical gestures stayed on just the right side of corny.

  • Tracy/a big bunch of Marines OTP! Look at her face, that's more excitement than she's ever displayed about anything else, ever. I'll bet her recruitment drive was VERY thorough.

  • The unfortunate Sue Landers led me to ponder the uses of elite lie-detection skills in an average office. How scary would a manager with THAT ability be? Have you been purloining more than your allotted share of Post-Its? *tingle* Have you been messing about on Facebook all afternoon? *tingle* Do you know anything about how the photocopier got broken? *tingle* The possibilities are terrifying.

  • Meanwhile, Sylar certainly brings a touch of excitement to any office party. Shame about the bloody dismemberment part. Still, watching him remember how much fun it is to be bad was a huge pleasure, particularly the scene in the lift. "It does kind of tingle." Hee.

    I'm curious to know whether the lie detection ability is going to shoot him in the foot at some point, or more particularly, whether it will shoot the writers in the foot -- remember, you can't have ANYONE lie to him about ANYTHING now, because he'll know, so this'll make it double hard to retrospectively change stuff. Nonetheless, I for one welcome back our new evil overlord (same as the old evil overlord). I didn't object to trying-to-be-nice!Sylar but I don't object to evil!Sylar either. This is probably because I am shallow. Frankly, at this point, Sylar could become the Moldovan entry in next year's Eurovision Song Contest, and I would still love him. Well, probably. I suppose it might depend on his outfit...

  • Is Arthur really dead, then? Surely it can't be as easy as that to get rid of him? And without him, Pinehearst's collective brains are reduced to Nathan, Tracy and Mohinder. The words "headless" and "chicken" spring to mind. Oh dear.

  • Speaking of headlessness, who else was expecting that guinea-pig Marine to have a Scanners moment? I was rather relieved that he didn't, in the end. (It's a fairly impressive ability, but you can only do it once...)

  • So what's on the cards for this week? Clearly Nathan's big plan is likely to go All Wrong (TM), but what else? Is Sylar off to pay a visit to Angela, to let her know he's definitely off the Petrelli Christmas card list (or is he?)? Who's going to rescue Hiro from having to live through the last sixteen years of comics all over again? Is the Haitian going to give Peter a big kick in the nuts for nearly killing him with lily-livered indecisiveness? (We live in hope.) And is the expected cliffhanger going to keep me wibbling till February? I suppose I shall have to tune in next week and find out.
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