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Yeah, I know what you're thinking, she's on about bloody Heroes again. But it is the last episode until February, and as a rather drunk person said to me the other evening, "American series -- they require a different sort of concentration."

So, here are my suitably concentrated thoughts on 3x13: Dual, with just the tiniest chance of an outbreak of lechery moving in from the west.

  • The recap at the beginning underlined just how fabulously EastEnders-ish this volume has been. "I'm your father!" "You're not my mother!" I almost expected someone to say "This'll be the best Christmas the Petrelli mansion's ever had!" and head off for a knees-up at the Queen Vic.

  • Speaking of family traumas, when Peter was telling Nathan why their dad was messily dead all over the floor, there was something about Nathan's dismissive manner when he said "Sylar" that made it sound like he half-believes Sylar is just something Peter has made up and uses as a convenient excuse for his many social faux pas. It would be amusing if Nathan met Sylar (I don't believe they're acquainted, are they?) and said "Oh, you actually DO exist. I thought you were just Peter's imaginary arch-enemy."

  • To pick a nit from the end of the previous episode, what on earth happened to the Haitian? Did he follow Sylar down the road for ten minutes then say "Stuff this, I'm off to Starbucks"? Far be it from me to come between him and his Caramel Gingerbread Latte but he could perhaps learn to prioritize.

  • I'd hate to be in the Human Resources department at Primatech, especially with all the interviewing they are now going to have to do for new security staff, admin people, maintenance workers, etc. Still, perhaps this is Sylar's attempt at a job creation scheme to beat the credit crunch. Every little helps...

  • Possibly my favourite exchange of the week: "A child starved of attention throws a temper tantrum." / "Well, I'd like to give him a good spanking." Wouldn't we all, dearie.

  • Ando is magically granted the power of plot convenience! Although it is quite neat that it basically requires him to be a sidekick forever. But a sidekick to whom? Is there a lost vial of superserum lurking somewhere, waiting for Hiro? Or will Ando now be hanging off Daphne's arm forever, fixing those pesky plot-holes that others cannot reach?

  • Speaking of whom, I find Daphne rather endearing, what with her button nose and curious tilts of the head and range of attractive little tops. I wonder whether she and Matt will ever get to have a proper date, or indeed a shag, more to the point. I suppose the world isn't waiting to see Matt with his shirt off, though. Poor chap.

  • Sylar, my psychotic sweetie, someone needs to tell you that it's possible to get on with people you aren't related to: it's called making friends. Get some therapy, love. You'll feel better for it. You might even get to go to the pub occasionally.

  • In unlikely team-up corner, I don't know whom I feel sorrier for: Mohinder (wait until Tracy freezes your bollocks off in a fit of pique) or Tracy (wait until Mohinder incompetently cocks up your evil plans, because he will, because he genuinely is that dim).

  • Nathan has found a new compadre in his Evil Plan (TM) to round 'em up, put 'em in a field and bomb the bastards: it's President Worf! Hmm, maybe he could also call in Counsellor Troi to give Sylar the therapy he so clearly needs? (Then again, perhaps not. That battle of minds would last about 5 seconds. And the first 3 of those would be Sylar raising his cutting finger.)

  • So who are Sylar's real parents? Linderman? The Kennedys? The Brady Bunch? Some people we've never heard of? Perhaps Volume 4 will mostly consist of a bloodthirsty remake of Shirley Conran's Lace: "Which one of you bitches is my mother?" Frankly, that could be brilliant...

Never mind, non-Heroes watchers. There's Doctor Who next week, you know. And I may well have something to say about it.
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