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Season's eatings

A seasonal foodie meme, brought to you by Very Good Taste.

The Christmas Fifty

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve tasted.
3) Place an asterisk after all the items you’ve cooked/prepared.
4) Cross out anything you never want to try, or add an exclamation mark after anything you really want to try.
5) Optional extra: Post a link to your list at (This version of the list has handy links to explain the most obscure international items!)

1. Crystallised or candied fruits
2. Egg nog
3. Bûche de Noël, or Yule log
4. Rum balls
5. Bebinca
6. Roasted chestnuts
7. Cavallucci
8. Tourtière
9. Uszka
10. Port & Stilton
11. Hallaca
12. Roast goose
13. Lefse
14. Sugar plums
15. Romeritos
16. Pinnekjøtt
17. Hot toddy
18. Christmas cake*
19. Tamales
20. Sorpotel
21. Panettone
22. Candy canes
23. Pasteles
24. Speculaas
25. Makowiec
26. Christmas pudding
27. Stollen
28. Figgy pudding
29. Lebkuchen
30. Turrón
31. Mince pies*
32. Wassail bowls
33. Buñuelos
34. Pio Quinto
35. Marzipan fruits
36. Mulled wine*
37. King cake
38. Christmas beach barbecue
39. Cola de mono
40. Lutefisk
41. Kutia
42. Pizzelle
43. Dominostein
44. Cranberry sauce
45. Pfeffernüsse
46. Satsumas or clementines
47. Pumpkin pie
48. Smalahove
49. Nut roast
50. Brandy butter

I scored 23 out of 50, which isn't too bad, and there's a couple of notable omissions (why have I never had brandy butter or egg nog? I suppose I've never been offered them). But I reckon you'd have to be a very adventurous and well-travelled soul to score in the 30s or above, since there are some rather far-flung options there.

But oddly, the food I always look forward most to eating at Christmas is something not very Christmassy at all - Yorkshire puddings! It's simply because my dad makes very good ones, and I always have at least 5 or 6 with my veggie dinner. It may not be a national tradition, but it's my own personal tradition, and sometimes those are the best kind...

ETA: I have just had brandy butter for the first time, so I'm now on 24 out of 50. I'm note sure I'd really rate it as a life experience, but at this point in the evening, I'll take my thrills where I can get them.
Tags: food, memes, very good taste
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