Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Happy birthday allemande!

A Poem about a Meeting of Grate Branes

allemande met Friedrich Nietzsche
For a red-hot birthday date
Freddy eyed this gorgeous creature
And the following words did state:

"I’m a Jurman, you’re a Jurman
Let's determine we're not French
I'm a cute 'n' cuddly Teuton
Won't you be my Über-wench?

Let me take you out for coffee
We shall breathe a different air
Come embrace my philosoffee
And caress my facial hair!

I am dynamite," said Freddy
"If you're ready or you're not,
I will share my favourite theory:
Why I am so scorching hot!

I am Nietzsche, I can teach ya
How to pluck love's tender flower
Loaf upon my philo-sofa
Come and feel my will to power!"

"My dear Nietzsche!", cried young Uli,
"You're a creature strange and brash
I would love to love you fully
But I can't stand your moustache...."

Have a fabulous day, oh grate and unspeakable one!
Tags: birthdays
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