Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

The One-Question Quiz: Guess the Mystery Object!

It's about eight inches long, with a thick green rubber stem and a bulbous, knobbly tip, and it's impressively heavy. Its packaging boasts about its "air-injected pockets for ultimate comfort", and it certainly made me raise an eyebrow when I saw it brazenly displayed in a major London store.

Guess the mystery object...

What on earth can it be?

Here's the correct answer:

The mystery object revealed!

It is in fact a citrus reamer. Or in layperson's terms, one of those things you use for squishing the juice out of lemons. So no, there's nothing untoward about it at all, unless you fear it's a little too garish for your kitchen, in which case it's also available in black. Still, you might want to put it away before any impressionable elderly relatives come for tea...
Tags: quiz, sounds a bit rude
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