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If a picture paints a thousand words...

...then this post would be 9,000 words long. But fortunately, it's rather shorter than that, because it's just the responses to the photograph meme I posted the other day.

san_valentine asked to see my book shelves:

My book shelves

This is a fairly representative bit of my two large bookcases. Book storage is always a problem area for me. I've always yearned to own tons of books, but I don't have space for tons, so I try to keep them weeded down with regular charity-shop visits, and yet I still have too many. At the same time, I find it incredibly hard to find things I want to read, so I somehow don't have enough. Too much, not enough, too much, not enough. And so the literary struggle goes on.

huskyteer asked for a cuddly animal. Well, one is visible in the picture above, but here's a slightly blurry close-up:

Cuddly anteater!

It's my anteater, who was a birthday present from allemande last year. He's called Ianteater. I love anteaters, for no reason other than they are a fabulously alien combination of peculiar and fluffy.

brewsternorth asked to see my desk:

My desk

Yes, this crumb-bedecked dumping ground is where the magic happens (hem hem). The same picture is also an answer to pheonix_iz_me's request to see my art materials, because my creaky but beloved Mac basically IS my art materials, with the addition of the few sketchbooks to the left of the monitor and the pens and pencils that are scattered about. Oh, and dawnzabini asked to see the bottom drawer of my desk, but I'm afraid it has no drawers. (There's a shelf at the bottom which has my scanner and printer on it, but it's out of shot.)

burge wanted to see the first thing I ate or drank after getting home from work on Friday:

Grape juice and Jaffa cakes

It's a glass of grape juice (no, not wine, just grape juice!) and some Jaffa cakes. I apologize to any of you who were expecting to see a picture of half a gallon of gin and two olives. On another night, perhaps, but on Friday I was feeling fairly restrained.

mayhap wanted to see my kitchen and livii asked for the outside of my fridge, so this is two in one:

My kitchen

My kitchen is tiny, so this is about half of it. There's a bit more work surface on the other side of the sink, and the cooker is opposite the fridge, and that's it. The walls are a lovely raspberry pink, though (my colour choice!). The fridge magnets are a relic of the shared house I used to live in, but they are now losing their magneticness and keep sliding down the fridge door and/or dropping off completely, which is why they have now been retired from active service. But I dug them out for this special occasion.

wheeler wanted to see the most rock 'n roll thing in my home:

This is rock and roll

Errr... it's an ancient bottle of Jack Daniels and some Cramps CDs. Suffice to say that I am not a very rock 'n roll person. But wheeler knows this so I hope he'll forgive me.

And while we're on the topic of tragic failures, scifinut asked to see my shoe collection. Oh dear, oh dear:

Sensible shoes!

That sound you hear is Sarah Jessica Parker spinning on her Manolos. Yes, I have the dullest shoes in the world! Black Birkenstocks, brown Birkenstocks, and Birkenstock sandals. I also possess a pair of Birkenstock boots but they are buried at the bottom of a cupboard and I didn't drag them out for the photo shoot. But I freely admit, I am all about comfortable shoes (in the literal sense), and once you've had Birks, it's hard to go back.

kazzy_cee asked to see my favourite thing on the wall:

A picture on my wall

This is one of two Japanese woodblock prints that hang in my living room: they are decorative textile designs from the early 1900s. I bought them in the Liberty sale a few years ago. The rest of my walls are quite bare, which is sort of unintentional: I'm sure I meant to buy more pictures at one point, but never got around to it.

And finally, blueymcphluey asked to see my face. So this is me:

And this is me

Contents may have been shrunk slightly to hide the blemishes...
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