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A clearly dangerous precedent

Well, Heroes is back for Volume 4 and I don't care what the world says: I plan to make the most of it while I can. So on with the motley, the plotly, and the gratuitous references to Zachary Quinto's best bits, I say.

Here are some thoughts on A Clear and Present Danger:

  • When we last left Nathan, he had an Evil Plan (TM) to round everyone up, stick 'em in a field, and spend two months deciding what to do next. Now he's got the answer: they're going to be forced to act out a great script treatment he's come up with, called America's Next Top 24 Lost Prison Breakers On Ice. Won't that be exciting?

  • The big fashion tip for this volume: balaclavas are IN. (Sadly, none of them were quite as stylish as this one, but secret government operatives who have particularly distinctive ears might think differently.) Also coming soon to a store near you, the Tracy-proof anti-freeze jacket! I could have done with one of those earlier this week, as could many other Londoners.

  • If I were Ando, I'd be grateful that Hiro hasn't added a huge slidey Ando-pole to his superhero den. That would have been just a little TOO Freudian. Especially if he polished it when Ando was out.

  • Oh dear, all is not well in Matt and Daphne land. Daphne is bored, they don't seem able to afford any decent light bulbs for their flat, the tortoise has gone rogue, and Usutu has a vital message for Matt: he's going to have to become the resident sketcher because they need to keep the artist who does the pictures in work! Domestic bliss it ain't.

  • I notice that Peter is growing back his legendary floppy hair. I don't know if this is a deliberate attempt to bring back former glories, but it did fit in nicely with meeting Mohinder and the call back to the first episode.

  • "Just out of curiosity, what can you do these days?" - That's a surprisingly interesting question, Nathan. What can Peter do these days? Has his thighful of formula rebooted him so that he now has only the last power he came into contact with, complete with sparkly magic finger effect? If so, I suppose it's a neat way to stop him from getting overpowered, especially if he's going to be hanging about with his fellow super-passengers for any length of time. On the downside, he's only as kick-ass as the last person he lightly fondled. Let's hope he doesn't get touchy-feely with anyone who possesses control over marshmallows.

  • Sylar's real dad is a taxidermist? How fabulous. Now we know where he gets his penchant for scooping out the innards of things...

  • I also found it very satisfying when Sylar kicked some decent arse for once. Although he may be fortunate that Nathan's hench-balaclavas probably can't even find the back of their own heads, never mind the back of someone else's.

  • Well done to Claire for being very proactive and action-heroinesque, despite the unflattering boiler suit (did they bring a petite-sized one specially?) and her overly copious coating of make-up, which could have weighed down a less single-minded girl.

  • By the way, "HRG is my co-pilot" bumper stickers are now available from a duty-free trolley near you!

  • On the romance front, great news for Peter/Mohinder shippers as they not only had a civil conversation with each other (many a fandom ship has been built on less) but then proceeded to hold hands not once but twice. By Heroes standards, that's practically wedlock.

  • So what happens next? Are all the non-captured cast members going to have to team up to find the captured ones? Will Ando get together with Daphne and do some convenient time-travel flash-forwarding, to give us a dystopian future fix? Or is THIS the dystopian future so they don't have to show us another one? Are Claire and Sylar going to have a sit-down together at some point to mutually thrash out their daddy issues and fix Claire's non-functioning nerve endings? (Scientific fact: It'll work better if he takes his shirt off.) Is there some explanation for Nathan becoming a total lunatic, or have they just run out of villains? Is he not Nathan but someone else? Is he possessed by Arthur? Has his brain has been scooped out by Sylar's taxidermist dad and replaced by someone else's? (Perhaps Tyra Banks?)

    Some of these questions will be answered over the coming weeks. Some of them won't be, because they exist only in my head. But I shall look forward to finding out which are which. In the meantime, I shall sit here and work on my latest poetic epic, which begins "Oh Zachary, Zachary / You are as delicious as a banana daiquiri". I haven't thought of the next bit yet, but I'm sure to come up with something...
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