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Trust never sleeps

After a wearily work-riddled week, I've finally managed to prise myself out of the office and am able to bring you a few thoughts about Heroes 3x15: Trust and Blood:

  • Is anyone missing the portentous voiceovers at the start and finish? No, neither am I. If only they'd done away with them years ago, they could have had two minutes extra a week to spend on... well, something else. Waffle recipes, hairstyling tips, Mr Muggles's Message To The Masses: endless possibilities!

  • Anyway, Volume 4 crashes onwards, with most of the characters now charging about in the scrubby woodland of Set-Up-Ville, apparently trying to figure out where they are, what they are supposed to be doing, and why Nathan is being so horrid to them. All well and good, but I like it best when there's a soaptastic revelation every five minutes, so I'm hoping they start pulling some ridiculous twists out of the bag soon.

  • "What happened to you? How can you be a part of this?" This is a very good question, Claire. I assume there's more to HRG going along with all the cryptofascist nastiness than just protecting Claire, or is there? What are the "certain arrangements" he's made? And what's going on with Nathan and his heavily signposted hypocrisy that is presumably a big neon arrow pointing towards some secret agenda? My sole (and unlikely) theory is that it's all because Nathan secretly wants to be alone with Bennet, but he's very closeted about it and so has decided to get rid of absolutely everyone else that either of them has ever met EVER, just to avoid any social embarrassment if they're caught holding hands.

  • "I know Nathan too and not like a brother." For someone who supposedly prides herself on knowing how the world works, Tracy hasn't read a lot of fanfiction, has she?

  • Alas, poor Daphne! We hardly knew ye! But is she really most sincerely dead? The only thing that made me think that she might yet pull through was that apart from Matt pulling his "I shall be avenged!" face, nobody else really turned a hair, which was rather shallow of them if she is indeed an ex-Daphne. You'd think Hiro and Ando might bother to get a bit upset, at least.

  • Is it me, or does Danko the Hunter sound like a low-budget 1980s sword-and-sorcery movie?

  • And now it's time to join the not-so-nice Mr Gray for the real meat and potatoes of the week. First of all, bang goes my long-time theory that what Sylar needs to sort him out is a cup of tea and a nice sit-down. He had BOTH of those things this week, and if anything they actually made matters even more gruesome. Bleurgh.

  • However, once he'd swapped stabbing and defingerment for his own demented version of family therapy, it struck me that Sylar could probably find a niche for himself as a Jerry Springeresque talk-show host. This week on THE SYLAR SHOW, Jimmy-Bob says he didn't cheat on Britney-Luanne with her jailbait half-sister... uh-oh, that's a LIE! Now will he choose to hand over the alimony or risk decapitation? Find out after the break...

  • But rather predictably, my Promising Plotline of the Week Award goes to Sylar's brand-new sidekick, a.k.a the Microwave Boy Wonder, a.k.a. Almost Certainly Unlucky Luke. Of course, the pouty-faced padawan is blissfully unaware that hanging about with serial killers, no matter how slinkily hipped, is not a promising career path, but his adoring glances are already a fanfiction goldmine of wrongness. And of course, when Sylar gets bored with him, he'll make a handy self-heating snack. It's a win-win situation!

  • And while the Dysfunctional Duo hit the road in their borrowed Batmobile, somewhere back in a scrubby bit of woodland, Eagle-Scout Peter is making a Rousing Speech (TM) to his fellow not-so-happy campers. And you can tell it's a Rousing Speech (TM) because it's almost drowned out by the heroically rousing background music. "We do what it takes to survive. Things we can't even imagine." Really, Peter? I think you'll find we can imagine quite a lot. For example, I'm currently imagining the five of you stealing a Winnebago and a case full of sequinned G-strings and becoming the world first super-powered male stripper act. And I'm going to be a little disappointed if what you actually do is less interesting than that.

  • So who is Claire's brand-new super-seekrit text-buddy, "Rebel"? Perhaps it's Angela? You can tell it's someone quite classy because they actually bother to spell their messages properly instead of resorting to txtspk. Though we die, La Résistance and basic educational standards live on...

And with those remarks, I zoom away to rejoin my duvet for some much-needed mental recuperation...
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