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More rabbit than Sainsbury's

Before I get on to this week's televisual brain fodder, here's Overheard Train Conversation of the Day:
FIVE-YEAR-OLD BOY: *drops book on foot of woman sitting opposite him*
FATHER OF BOY: Are you going to say sorry?
FATHER OF BOY: Not to me, to the lady. Are you going to say sorry for dropping a book on her foot?
FIVE-YEAR-OLD BOY: (in a philosophical tone) You know, they don't use that word in the future.

Yes, that lad has seen the shape of things to come and it's not very polite. No surprises there, then.

I have not seen the future myself, but I have seen Heroes 3x19: Shades of Gray, and here are my thoughts about it:

  • The biggest shocker over at the Bennet household wasn't creepy old Doyle claiming to be on the straight and narrow (yeah, right), but Claire daring to be seen without her make-up on. You mean it actually comes off? It's not a magically regenerating layer of weatherproof varnish? Crikey. You'll be telling me that Sylar's eyebrows are drawn on with marker pen next.

  • In three carefully chosen words, Tracy manages to put her finger on Nathan's entire problem: "lousy in bed". It's that old "faster than a speeding bullet" joke in action, isn't it?

  • For the benefit of anyone who remembers this topic coming up in one of my Volume 3 posts, I diligently managed to avoid any casting spoilers for Sylar's dad.... that is, until two weeks ago, when I stumbled across a mention of the actor's name. But the ironic bit is that I then had to look up who John Glover was, because I had no idea. (I've seen Smallville about twice ever.) At least I wasn't disappointed, although I admit that there was just a teensy part of my brain hoping it would be Alan Dale, since Sylar spiritually being Jason Donovan's brother would have been much funnier.

  • "I'm not your apple." - maybe not, Sylar, but you can be my love banana anytime you like.

  • No, no, Sylar, fixing watches is not your hobby. That's your job. As I understand it, your hobbies are: 1) BRAINS. 2) Sulking about how misunderstood you are. 3) Killing people who've misunderstood you, thus proving that their misunderstanding wasn't quite as mis as you thought. 4) Being bitchy to Noah Bennet. 5) Shopping for little black jackets. I realize that none of these are anything to boast about at dinner parties, but at least they are honest.

  • "Do more. Be more. Take every challenge. Fight hard. Risk it all. take real power. Real authority. Change everything, the world, just to see if I can." - I am very keen to see if Sylar is going to take his dad's career advice to heart, especially because it would seem to imply a lot more ass-kicking and a lot less wandering around moping and wondering why nobody loves him. Then again, it might just mean applying for the next series of The Apprentice.

  • Although I am strangely fond of Luke, I am nonetheless amused that Sylar finds a dead rabbit to be a superior sidekick. Easy to explain the plot to, doesn't interrupt with stupid questions, isn't trying to manipulate you for its own nefarious ends: it could be love! Or at least a remake of Harvey with added headslicing.

    Sylar/dead bunny OTP!

  • If Sylar/bunny was this week's shiniest new ship, then this week's top romantic revival was surely Angela/socks. Store detectives beware: this woman knows how to live life on the edge! And I absolutely cackled at her oyster lunch. Danko was probably worried that his own Rocky Mountain oysters would turn out to be her second course...

  • And with the sound of breaking glass comes the resounding noise of Nathan's ridiculous plan coming back to bite him on the arse. Is his rank stupidity in wanting to round up every member of a minority that includes himself EVER going to be explained? I mean, I can understand self-hatred and wanting to deny your own true nature, but even my handwave-friendly nature is finding it hard to reconcile that with STILL using your own power every ten minutes because it's so darn handy to be able to commute.

  • I can't say I'm desperately looking forward to Hiro and Ando's adventures in babysitting, but I am keen to know whether the coming of Matt Junior also means the return of Janice from the wilderness of Missing, Presumed Divorced. (I imagine there's a diner there, where she sits having a good old bitching session with Heidi Petrelli while the kids play outside.)

  • I did groan rather loudly at the Return of the Pointless Voiceover (a.k.a. Give Mohinder Some Work). Nonetheless, the end of the episode was All Go. Claire on the run! Nathan swooping to the (probably incompetent) rescue! And Danko getting a bunny rabbit surprise! Is Sylar biting off more big game than he can chew, or is Danko quite literally stuffed? I can't wait to find out...

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