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I love the sound of breaking ice

Apologies for my radio silence of late. It seems that my brain has sunk a state of blancmange-like inertia, and I am no longer capable of anything but the simplest of coherent thoughts.* You can tell it's serious because even though Heroes was ace this week, it's taken me days and days to work up the energy to say so.

Nonetheless, I have now rounded up a few relevant opinions, so here's what I thought about Heroes 3x20: Cold Snap:

  • A predictable observation to begin with: no Sylar again this week. How am I expected to work under these conditions, eh? A woman has needs, you know.

  • Anyway, despite this, the opening sequence was throbbing with the invisible presence of my psycho beloved, and his thrilling new plan to freak Danko out. Or maybe that isn't his plan at all. Perhaps he's running a matchmaking service for balding sadists? Or perhaps he's taking his dad's advice about getting a hobby, by trying his hand at interior decorating? Let's face it, Danko's apartment could do with a bit of pimping up, and dangling maniacs are SO this season!

  • Silly Mohinder for walking right into the world's most obvious set-up. Did you think Danko was asking you to a private pyjama party?

  • Danko then follows up with the sneaky move of passing on his unwanted present from Sylar to Bennet, and claiming he got it specially, the cheeky cheapskate. Then Bennet promises to get him Rebel in return, which retrospectively seems VERY dodgy. I know middle-aged men are hard to buy for, but that's no excuse for offering one of them a teenage boy on a trolley, even if his voice has broken now...

  • "I'm smarter than the average bear." - Oh dear, Danko. If you're standing next to Bennet, nobody's going to tag you as Yogi. You're a shoo-in for Boo Boo, though.

  • Hiro unexpectedly gets turned on by a baby! Errrr... sorry, that sounded needlessly pervy. Switched on, that's what I meant to say. Anyway, Hiro now finds himself with special Reboot Depowered Powers (cf. P. Petrelli), i.e. time-stopping without the teleportation frills or thrills. I did chuckle at Hiro's dismay at having to do things the longwinded way, though. Nonetheless, I predict that an injection of added Ando-power may give Hiro his full mojo back, thus ensuring that Ando is obliged to go along on all time-travel capers. Way to keep yourself in work in these days of corporate downsizing, Ando.

  • We wait ages for a gratuitous Star Trek reference, and then we get two in the same week! Rascals and Wrath of Khan: oh Hiro, you're really spoiling us. I'll diplomatically skip over the fact that only one of those was any good. (Clue: it's the one full of Shatnery goodness.)

  • Well done to Tracy for managing to find the only shop in the world that displays shoes in pairs. Or perhaps she's able to freeze one foot so she can wear two left shoes and not feel the blisters?

  • And a more heartfelt well done to the show for managing to send Tracy out (if indeed she IS out) in a reasonably groovy fashion. Her final freeze-over was pretty cool (bad pun vaguely intended) -- I particularly liked the repeated image of her breath in the heat and then in the cold. Nonetheless, I could DEFINITELY have done without the wink, which was cringemaking after all the previous stylish restraint. I heartily hope she hasn't magically survived, but since there's still a spare Larter in the plot cupboard, I'm resigned to the fact that she'll be turning up again at some point anyway. (Possibly bound by a silly accent and a Slightly Different (TM) hairdo, so won't that be fun?)

  • I note that Matt's idea of romance comes entirely from perfume commercials. I guess we should be grateful that he chose to win Daphne over with fake flying and not with the revelation that "I'm a dancer! I love to dance!"

  • And so farewell to Daphne, who was not a bad character and could act pretty well and wore attractive little tops, but they seem to have totally run out of ideas for anything for her to do after she gave up her life of crime, other than have Matt follow her about like a lovesick basset hound. Not to mention the fact that their relationship remained annoyingly ill-defined. Did they ever have a proper kiss-up, for instance? Or a shag, come to that? And if not, why not? Still, despite my reservations, their final scene gave a surprisingly robust tug to my old heartstrings, especially the contrast between shiny dream!Paris and the grim and shadowy hospital room. At least, Matt's got Janice on the horizon, and while he's on the rebound, there's always Mohinder...

  • Of course, my style icon of the week is Angela, as always. Even when rained upon, put upon, hunted down and forced to chat up middle-aged strangers for strategic purposes, she remains unrelentingly fabulous. But she's also a great barometer for the general state of the Heroes world. After all, a huge painting of a nuclear explosion on the floor could mean nothing, but Angela having a bad hair day is surely a sign of impending apocalypse like no other. As an added bonus, Peter speeding to the rescue was probably the first time I've actually been pleased to see him in quite some time. Will wonders never cease?

  • "So what do you want to do now?" Well Peter, I would like you all to keep up this level of excitement next week, with a side order of additional Quintoid goodness. Do you think you can do that? I do hope so....

*Flower pretty, gin yummy, anteater fluffy, Zach Quinto phwoarrrrgghhh. You know the drill.
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