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The lunatics have taken over... you know the rest

What, Heroes again, I hear you sigh? Yeah, sorry. But I am helpless in its graspy grip.

So here are my thoughts on Heroes 3x21: Into Asylum.

  • Claire & Nathan: A Long Night After A Bad Taco

  • Mexico hasn't previously been an auspicious place for Heroes plotlines (I'm yawning at you, Maya and Alejandro), and this one did look frighteningly like a bad incestuous fanfic waiting to happen. Huge thanks to the Tequila Gods, then, that it didn't actually pan out that way. (Yeah, I know things would never go that far, but for a terrible moment I did fear that Nathan might piss in the wardrobe.)

  • By the way, did they stop off at a hairdresser's on the way to Mexico so Claire could get her hair cut? I know "bangs" are in this season, but you're on the run from the US government, dearie -- fashion's not a priority. Nathan knows this, which is why his own hair has answered the call of the wild. We can only hope that amorous porcupines don't ravish him in the night.

  • Nonetheless I have great sympathy for Claire, because she is apparently immune to the comforting charms of Booze the Great and Terrible. Then again, she shall never know a hangover, so it's not all bad.

  • So Nathan is just a big ol' misunderstood softie now, is he? All that "let's round up everyone I know and/or am related to and lock them up with no constitutional rights" stuff, that's all behind him now, is it? I'll believe that when I see it...

  • Angela & Peter: Catholicism Wow!

  • Why does it always rain on Angela? Apparently it's because she foresaw the apocalypse when she was seventeen (or thereabouts). I had terrible visions of the future when I was young too, but it's probably my parents' fault for letting me watch The Day of the Triffids before bedtime.

  • I've always known that Angela's ability isn't particularly covetable, but it now strikes me how uncovetable it is. After all, you can't even prove to people that you HAVE a power, unless you can predict something really specific concerning them. At least the future painters can always flog their pictures for a bit of extra cash, but a dreamer might as well be a crazy ranting person in the street. Poor Angie. She's done pretty darn well to become the manipulative maniac that she is. I'm so proud of her.

  • When Peter was having his moment alone with Jesus, was anyone else expecting the statue to lean down and whisper "You know, I liked you better with the floppy hair"? No, just me, then.

  • So who's Angela's mystery sister? I love it when things get all Dynasty, so I've got my fingers crossed for Joan Collins...

  • Danko & Sylar: Punky and the Brain-Eater

  • Oh, what a goldmine. From Del Shannon's Runaway to "Let's just say you fascinate me", from Danko's "I don't want to hear 'one of us, one of them'" to his unwitting reenactment of One Of Us, One Of Them by teaming up with my demented beloved, from their mutual brainprobing and chesspiece fondling to their hot night in the Garden Of Eden, there was so much gleeful goodness to enjoy.

  • While Peter is chatting to Jesus, perhaps he should ask exactly what abilities Sylar's got now, because God only knows. Car/roof teleportation? Insta-vanishing? Looking delicious when wet? Well, I may not know where he acquired the latter, but hot damn, he ought to use it more often.

  • My heart sank just a little at Sylar acquiring shapeshifting (how ridiculous powerful does he need to be, after all?) but the final scene in the car with Danko, with his orgasmic delight at his new metamorphic thrillbuttons and his magic colour-change eyes (isn't there a Barbie that can do that?) sold me on it. And as for his bout of down-and-dirty on-the-floor action with his one true love -- himself -- what can I say? Cathartic, poetic, and kinkily tactically fortunate indeed.

  • In conclusion: You need a win, Danko? I think you've got one...

By the way, I shall endeavour about something non-Heroic later in the week. You may like to know, for example, that my latest batch of Doctor Who mini-icons are well underway. Estimated time of arrival: shortly after the Easter special, for added topicality. (But don't tell my muse that, or you might scare him away!)
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