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Between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles' first LP

A few thoughts about Heroes 3x23: 1961.

  • Well, as usual, I love Angela very very much, so no surprises there. I also loved teen!Angela: she had clearly been practising the tight-lipped and stoic smile of her elder self, and was a lovely combination of fresh-faced innocence and Angela's inner rod of scary steel.

  • If I were an excitable sugar-happy OMGWTF fangirlie type, I'd squeal that I now ship young!Angela and young!Charles Deveaux like WHOA. But I'm not, so I'll restrict myself to saying that they were adorable together and drawing some hearts in the air with my finger. Ah, if only she'd married him instead of Arthur! Then again, if she had, Peter would have shagged his own sister... or would he have BEEN his own sister? Oh, it's too confusing to think about.

  • Slightly odd casting for the older version of Alice, I thought: shouldn't she have been dark-eyed and (maybe) darker haired? I don't suppose it really matters, but Heroes usually does pretty well on casting for familial resemblance. Still, if I were a madwoman who'd been living in a smashed-up shed for nearly fifty years due to a well-meant family fib, heaven knows what I'd look like. My hair would be a lot crazier than Alice's, I can tell you that for nothing.

  • Now we know about the secret (and rather moving) reason for Angela's sock-stealing fetish, will we ever find out why her nickname was Banana? Perhaps she was bright yellow until the age of 25, and we just couldn't tell because of the flattering monochrome flashbacks?

  • It was a bit disappointing not to see more of Angela's parents, especially since they were physically present at Coyote Sands AND her dad had a power. Did her mum have one too? Did they all know about each other's powers, or were they all tight-lipped and repressed and we-don't-talk-about-it? (One assumes the latter - after all, what would the neighbours say?)

  • I note that there's some big ol' handwavy retconning going on here, particularly with respect to Mohinder's dad. He certainly took a loooong time convincing anyone that superpowers existed, considering that he nearly had it cracked more than forty years ago. Then again, given Mohinder's general air of gormlessness, perhaps painful and plot-dependent naivety runs in the family?

  • Meanwhile, back in the present day, Claire makes the very salient point that no one ever reads books or watches films in Heroesworld. Presumably this is because, if they did, they would be a lot more competent at guessing upcoming plotlines.

  • I think it's rather endearing that Heroes seems to have only one set for all cafés and diners and they half-heartedly move the furniture around in the hope that it'll look like a different place.

  • So how has Sylar managed to turn into Nathan without ever meeting him? I've got visions of Danko and Sylar pulling hairballs out of Nathan's washbasin and rifling through his laundry basket in search of a big enough DNA sample to shapeshift from. Bleurgh. Trust those two to have a strange idea of what makes a good night out.

  • Most mysterious of all, why does Angela smile when she sees Nathan!Sylar on TV? Is it simply that she's like me and ridiculously pleased to see the brain-fondling one whenever he crops up? Or has she been having Important Dreams (TM) about the series finale? Or are the fries really that good? All will surely be revealed in the next thrilling installment...
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