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Eeep. How did the penultimate episode of the season get here so soon?

Here are a few thoughts about Heroes 3x24: I Am Sylar (and so is my wife!):

  • There's nothing like a flashback to something that they never showed previously to make everyone go "huh??". Yes viewers, Sylar is now living a secret life as someone called Agent Taub, yadda-di-yadda, I'm sure you can all grasp the basics. Sadly this means we don't get to see any scenes of Sylar wandering around his new home, going "Hey, nice sofa! Ooh, loving the dark paintwork!", which is just a little bit disappointing.

  • As a graphic design geek, I like it when they find interesting ways to fit the episode title into the opening scene, but this week's version was quite literally cutting edge. I suppose you'd call it Extreme Emo Typography: Stefan Sagmeister meets Richey Edwards. But don't try it at home, kids, unless you possess rapid cell regeneration and a sterilized slicing finger. Eek.

  • Oh, so many guilty pleasures in this episode, and most of them were Sylar-shaped. I'm always stupidly happy to see him doing things we don't normally see him do, so I was in clover here. Sleeping in a bed! Drinking cocoa! Pulling extraneous teeth out of his mouth! Having a sniffle-ridden crying jag in Danko's office! (Although the most startling thing about that scene was Danko being relatively nice about it, although he drew the line at offering a hug.) Fondling Nathan's toothbrush! Turning into his mother and generally being a one-man Freudian maelstrom of traumatic insecurity! And also doing possibly his best exasperated eye-roll ever, when Danko arrives just in time to stop him stealing Nathan's frequent flier points. And all accompanied by oodles of his personalized background music, or as I like to call it, the Ominous Dongs. I just can't get enough.

  • Danko has a pocket watch, ergo, he is secretly a Time Lord! Gallifrey only knows which one: the Master would be the predictable choice, so maybe I'll put in an outside bet on him being Romana. Perhaps someone could try shouting the name "Fred" to see if he turns around?

  • "They can't see how special you are. You can save us all." - Is this foreshadowing, Micah, or is it just wishful thinking? I seem to recall that you often used to say similar things to your mother, and she was always a bit rubbish. I also note that Micah's now cultivating a rather impressive set of brows of his own, so perhaps he wants to befriend Sylar because he needs all the facial grooming tips he can get.

  • Sylar says no to the opportunity to talk to machines, which is probably just as well. He's got enough on his plate with his mother talking to him in the night; he doesn't need the fridge and the microwave getting in on the act.

  • So what's up with Hiro's aching head and bleeding nose? I noticed on a rewatch that his headache actually starts the first time he touches Ando, when time has stopped. So does this mean that he's never allowed to touch Ando ever again? Gosh, it's like Pushing Daisies for heterosexual man buddies.

  • Speaking of Ando, if the Crimson Arc was the best name he could think of, I hate to think of the ones that were rejected. The Red Flasher, the Vermilion Vandal, the Cherry Buster, Cardinal Crackly Thing...

  • Matt's range of mental abilities now seem to include the memory of a goldfish. Daphne is barely cold in her grave, and he's already desperate to start playing happy families with Janice. Get some grief counselling, man!

  • When Mohinder is standing in his dusty old shed and peering at the film reel, frame by frame, I imagine it must be like staring at a very small picspam and trying to write your own amusing captions without knowing what the original scene was about.

  • Climactic Gasp Number 1: Good grief, it seems there actually IS an explanation for Nathan's recent Utter Bastardhood (TM), and Sylar now knows what it is! Plus he actually used his history-of-objects power to get it, picking up two niggling plot threads for the price of one. I don't know what the reasoning is, of course, but I am pleasantly startled that it actually exists. While their long-awaited meeting was a little flat from Nathan's side, it did give Sylar a chance to pull out some great facial expressions (like his little nod of smiling acknowledgment when Nathan calls him a psychopath). I also think it's interesting that in some ways, Sylar was actually better at being a Petrelli brother than Nathan, despite not actually being one. (He was nicer to Peter, for one thing.)

  • Climactic Gasp Number 2: Sylar's brain is now Danko-proof! Bloody hell. Has his shifting DNA moved the location of his brain? Or at least the location of his Achilles heel? Is his head now filled with entirely with pot pourri? (Eddie Izzard would surely think so.) And by the way, how come Sylar can now conveniently "do" clothes when he shapeshifts, or are we supposed to pretend that we haven't noticed that? And why would Sylar want to be President, anyway? It's a lot of work and let's face it, his attention span is pretty short. Sure, he might bring in low taxation rates for the heavily eyebrowed, but afterwards he's going to be VERY bored...

  • So what will happen in next week's finale? Will Peter will finally get a chance for a groping session touching (literally) reunion with Sylar and does he possess enough facial expressions to cope with the DNA-shaking results? Will Nathan ever get the nasty stains out of his reputation, or indeed his jacket? Will Danko get what's coming to him, and who will be the one to give it to him -- Noah Bennet in the study with a gun, or Sylar in the bathroom with that nasty disintegration power he picked up this week? Will the melted Tracy rise dripping from the grave drain? Will Angela smile thinly and raise a knowing eyebrow that implies she's known what was going to happen all along? If you know the answers to any of these questions, please don't tell me. I would much prefer to wait on tenterhooks until I can see the answers for myself...

In other news, I am amused that Google UK are encouraging everyone to ship St George/Dragon. After all, nothing says English patriotism like a knight and a mythical transvestite beast coming together in romantic reptilian congress, n'est-ce pas?
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