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But when you went electric, why, everything changed

It's season finale time, folks.

So, some thoughts about Heroes 3x25: An Invisible Thread.

  • Normally I approach plot developments in roughly chronological order. This time, however, I must jump ahead and say:


    It is telling that I actually watched this on Tuesday, but it's taken me until now to write about it, mainly because I've been trying to readjust my face after it became fixed in an expression of gobsmacked disbelief. Nonetheless, I'm now back to my usual self, so let's rewind to the beginning, and discuss the ending when we get there.

  • "Perhaps there's a master plan, that drives the randomness of creation." Alternatively, perhaps Tim Kring is drinking a gallon of tequila a week and making this stuff up? Or maybe it's all written by manatees (cf. South Park)? Nonetheless, I'm still happy to watch, but can we have the next season completely stripped of portentous Mohinderisms? Pretty please?

  • So the first $64,000 question is, where is Sylar's off-switch now? Somewhere he thinks Danko or Bennet wouldn't want to shove a knife, presumably. I can only wince and imagine where that might be. Mind you, I wouldn't put it past Bennet to set up a box of spring-loaded spikes, a bit like a medieval Iron Maiden, and try to stab him everywhere at once in the hope that he gets lucky.

  • "And then you got into bed with Sylar." - I'm not sure which made me cackle more: the line itself, or the fact that Danko didn't even cock an eyebrow to deny it. Of course, Bennet only mentioned it because he's jealous....

  • Much amusement at Sylar not being able to remember Larry Lyle's name. You just know that Lyle spends his days utterly engrossed in playing World of Warcraft and eating Pop Tarts, while vaguely wondering where the rest of his family have gone.

  • A raised eyebrow from me at Sylar getting his Lecter-esque perve on over Clarice Claire, with bonus sniffing action. I'm sure the primary attraction for him is how much it would annoy her dad. But you never know, she may warm up to him after a few hundred years. (Alternatively, she could just have an endless string of disposable muscular toyboys. Everyone needs a hobby, after all.)

  • Oh, you cheaty cheaty spoilsports, forcing us to miss the big lightning-powered battle! YOU ARE JUST TAKING THE PISS NOW. And you've done that joke before in Five Years Gone, more to the point. It's a shame because I always enjoy the gratuitous destruction of soft furnishings.

  • And also we missed Peter's initial grope with Sylar which totally happened. But we did get to see them holding hands later.

  • So how come Sylar can fly now? Empathy with Nathan? Foreshadowing? He just looks cool hanging in the air? Is there an explanation? Does it matter? Maybe he just believes he can fly? Clap your hands if you believe in convenient plot coincidences, children!

  • And now we come to the gobsmacking part, the Bit At The End. I arrived at this point totally unspoiled, but was vaguely aware that there was a big fandom hoo-hah about the ending. I can certainly see why, because on paper it must have sounded totally ridiculous. But on screen... errr, it still looks totally ridiculous. (I know I said last week that Sylar is better than being a Petrelli brother than Nathan is, but this wasn't quite what I had in mind.) But it is also very VERY soap-opera, which I often find is a good (or at least entertaining) thing in a Heroes storyline, so now that I've got over my initial startlement, let's have a look at the gory minutiae of these series-shaking events.

  • First off, not only is the real Nathan dead, but it turns out there actually ISN'T a reason for Nathan having been such a bastard this series, apart from self-loathing (which I had guessed). This is just a mite disappointing, innit?

  • The real Nathan's death scene was entirely bereft of the wailing and gnashing of teeth usually associated with the TV deaths of major characters: well, some people may have wailed, but I was too busy desperately trying to figure out who was who and whether anyone was secretly someone else and what the switcharound was going to be. However, I reckon that they've managed to have their cake AND eat it: a straightforward action-packed death now, and all the weepy tragic man-sobbing handily postponed for some later stage. Or at least that's where MY money is.

  • A sarcastic well done to Bennet for coming up with his cunning plan, which barely even holds to the end of the episode. I mean, yeah, get Matt to reluctantly scotch-tape the personality of a beloved family member over an unstable psychopath, that'll work! Well, for about six weeks, so it seems. Or until "Nathan" loses a limb in a tragic hairdressing accident and watches it grow back.

  • Much kudos and love to Angela, though: her gutwrenching grief is the only thing that really sold this storyline to me, and her plastered-on smile over the growing realization that there's something nasty still ticking (literally) inside "Nathan" was the crumbling icing on the cake of denial.

  • Anyway, that Volume 5 snippet also redeemed much of the preceding ridiculousness for me, implying as it did (reassuringly) that the Real Sylar is but lurking beneath the senatorial surface, but how is his return to be accomplished? Is he going to go all Jekyll and Hyde, being Nathan by day, Sylar by night? (I'm not exactly desperate to see a rerun of Niki and Jessica, but if it means Sylar stripping on the internet, I think I can live with it.)

  • And more soaptastically, when will Peter and Claire find out the truth, and how upset are they going to be with their parents as a result? Should they started practising their protracted and tearful goodbye speeches now, before "Nathan" is forever overwritten by the renaissance of Mr Immorally Gray, however it occurs? (It had better occur, darnit.)

  • Getting everyone together for a celebratory BBQ at the end was a peculiar and somewhat cannibalistic touch. Who brought the special marinade, and do shapeshifters taste like chicken?

  • And so Tracy rises dripping from the grave kitchen sink. So what else is in store for Volume 5? It's called "Redemption", so who actually needs redemping redeeming? Will the Dankster return to throw a spanner into Bennet's shiny new Company? Will Claire give Hiro a syringe full of her blood NOW, to avoid the tedious angsting that his Super Brain-Breakage (TM) seems likely to cause? Will Peter have trouble controlling his newly-torrented shapeshifting skills, and anything else he grabbed from Sylar in the process? Will Angela's stiff upper lip finally stretch so thin that it snaps? I guess I shall have to wait very patiently and see...

In other news, you'll be unsurprised to know that I have my ticket for Star Trek on Thursday. Heaven knows how what I'm going to do with myself after that, though, since I have very little in my life other than Zachary Quinto and Cadbury's Animals biscuits, and neither of these resources are inexhaustible.*

* Well, I can certainly exhaust the latter, and I'd have a darn good try at exhausting the former if only he'd stay still for long enough.
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