Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Star Trek mini-icons: Where no scribble has gone before!

It's time to crack open a bottle of Romulan ale and head for your favourite Klingon karaoke bar, because I've just finished a new set of mini-icons, and not surprisingly, they are based on the shiny new Star Trek reboot.

01. Kirk 02. Spock

03. Kirk 04. Kirk 05. Kirk

06. Spock 07. Spock 08. Spock

09. McCoy 10. McCoy 11. McCoy

12. McCoy 13. Uhura 14. Uhura

15. Uhura 16. Uhura 17. Scotty

18. Scotty 19. Scotty 20. Keenser

21. Sulu 22. Sulu 23. Sulu

24. Chekov 25. Chekov 26. Chekov

27. Spock Prime 28. Spock Prime 29. Spock Prime

30. Pike 31. Pike 32. Pike

33. Nero 34. Nero 35. Nero

36. Gaila 37. Gaila 38. Kirk and Gaila

39. Spock and Uhura 40. Spock and Uhura 41. Uhura and Gaila

42. Kirk and Spock 43. 44. Kirk and Spock

45. Kirk and McCoy 46. Kirk and McCoy 47. Spock and McCoy

48. Sulu and Chekov 49. Scotty and Keenser 50. Kirk and Spock and McCoy

51. Kirk and Spock and McCoy 52. Kirk and Spock and Uhura 53. Kirk and Spock and Uhura

All of the above are free to good homes, as usual.

As you may imagine, I had a tough time narrowing down all the quotable quotes and shippable ships that I could have used. So, if you'd particularly like a variation or combination that I haven't yet provided, do let me know and I'll see if I can oblige...
Tags: icons, star trek
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