Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

"In the next episode, he ate three brains. Om nom nom nom."

As a colossus of modern popular culture (hem hem), I find that showrunners of the world often look to me for ideas on how to keep their TV products fresh and relevant for the demanding audiences of today.

For my latest showbiz-shaking concept, I've come up with a way to boost excitement about the forthcoming fourth season of Heroes by tapping into an unreached market: the under-fives! Yes, I am aware that some of the show's more bloodthirsty content may be a teensy bit unsuitable for toddlers, but hey, we can debate that after the increased ratings figures are in.

So what IS this concept, you ask? It's a range of new and Heroic interpretations of classic children's books, that's what. And here's Volume 1:

The Very Hungry Serial Killer

(And yeah, I know Sylar pretends that he doesn't really eat brains, but I bet he can't resist licking his fingers occasionally.)

Other titles will include The Sylar Who Came To Tea, Hiro Hears A Who, Guess How Much I Had You Genetically Modified At Birth, and a new edition of an all-time bestseller, Claire Has Two Mommies And Two Daddies And A Variable Number Of Uncles, Depending On Recent Plot Revelations.
Tags: fan art, heroes
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