Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

On the third day of Torchweek

Two not very thrilling but nonetheless true pieces of trivia tonight:
1. I saw Marti Pellow from Wet Wet Wet in the pub tonight. I'm not a fan or anything, but hey, an 80s pop star with fairly high recognizability level counts as a decent celeb spot, wouldn't you say?

2. I've got ANOTHER bloody mouse in my flat. This is the fourth one in about eighteen months. As I recall, the first one coincided with series 2 of Torchwood, so perhaps it's sent a relative along to check up on plot developments. Anyway, the traps are out and I'm afraid I'm taking no small furry prisoners.

And speaking of Torchwood plot developments, here are some thoughts on Children of Earth: Day Three:

  • Oh look, it's that slightly wooden American news anchor they always wheel out for worldwide emergencies! I suppose it wouldn't be a proper planetary disaster if she wasn't there to intone melodramatically over the top of it.

  • Remember, viewers: Team Torchwood are professionals. They are taking up a life of crime for a noble motive. Remember this. Do not try to imitate them. If nothing else, your rear end may look a lot less pert as you are running away...

  • Ianto's priority purchases in a crisis situation: 1) coffee, 2) the erotically charged outfit of his fantasies. Well, anything to save Jack from the distress of trackie bottoms.

  • "One day, you'll see me die of old age...and just keep going." Oh, Ianto, you poor sweetie. Let's hope you're right, but I fear this is more FORESHADOWING (your clue to... you know the rest). Nonetheless, we got a namecheck for the Doctor, which is a pleasant surprise.

  • Oh noes, Rhys and his beans come between the British viewing public and twenty thirty minutes of "making the most of it"!

  • Aha, the skinny on Alice's mystery mother! Lucia Moretti, Italian, worked for Torchwood 1968 to 1977, died in 2006. Crikey, that's recent. Was Jack in touch with her all those years, as recently as series 1?

  • Alice is quite good at action-packed running away! Sadly, not quite good enough, though.

  • A bit of gossip here: I was told today that the actress who plays Plainly Evil Assassin Lady used to go out with Charlie Brooker. It's a small world on the telly, innit?

  • Argh, the 456 are a giant vomiting insect in a box! Well, that explains why they came to Britain: binge drinking! Choose any Saturday night in almost any British town and they will fit right in...

  • Given the 456's penchant for "breathing" on glass, British TV viewers of a certain age may well be reminded of the adventures of Pob. Only with more horrible lumpy bits. Bleurgh.

  • Despite questioning Peter Capaldi's ability to pull off a serious governmental role earlier in the week, I hereby formally rescind any implied criticism and wish to praise him to the skies for pulling off a part that could easily become ridiculous, giving Frobisher both gravitas and flawed humanity. Well done, sir. I've even stopped being disappointed that you're not a penguin.

  • "Pillar of Fire Brings Central London to a Halt"? Not all that impressive, if you ask me. A burst pipe or stray carrier bag can bring central London to a halt: it's hardly worth paying for the extra special effects.

  • Oh dear, I was SO worried about Lois when she walked onto Floor 13. I was sure that the 456 were going to somehow know that she was a spy and do terrible things to her eyeballs. Despite her unsubtle shuffling to the front and notetaking, however, she seems safe-ish for now. Phew.

  • I admit, I cackled at Team TW's bonding over their shared knowledge of the erotic possibilities of contact lenses.

  • "I'm sorry but I can't help being concerned, is there a problem?" Whoa, the 456 not only have a nasty temper but also an understanding of sarcasm. Ha, I was right, their evil plan IS to embarrass the British to death in order to get the "gift" of their choice. (Is there any chance of being able to fob them off with a pony, perhaps?)

  • Oh noes, yet ANOTHER dark secret in Jack's past. How many has the man got? I'm guessing he had a reason (preventing some greater tragedy?) for giving away the twelve kids in 1965, though. But will he be able to convince his cohorts of his motives, or will we all have to wait while they sulk and misunderstand each other for a while?

  • As for what the 456 want with their prezzie, I shall note only that many insects spew up acid to digest their prey, before sucking it all up like a bile-flavoured smoothie. Bleurgh and double bleurgh!

  • In conclusion: despite the running about, this episode feels like a bit of a mid-story lull. However, several important plot cards have now been placed on the table: let's see how Uncle Russell deals 'em out...
Tags: real life, torchwood
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