Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Suit you, sir

So at last, the wait is over.

We knew he'd have to wear something, of course. After all, nudity would have been inappropriate, and probably illegal. But would he opt for everyday anonymity, or eccentric apparel? Geek chic revisited or astronautical authenticity? There was simply no way of guessing. But now the time for speculation is done.

Yes, today was the day that we finally got to see alasdair on the plinth!

And here's what he looked like up there:

Alasdair takes it to the plinth

Embrace the artistic possibilities of lens flare, that's what I say

Apologies for the slight crappiness of my pics, but I think the revelatory postmodern conceptuality of having the "work of art" take pictures of YOU while you take pictures of HIM shines through the fuzziness and lens flare. Um, maybe.

As for the OTHER sartorial revelation of the day, it does rather pale in comparison, but I am nonetheless delighted to note that both sets of footwear are clearly displayed, thus rendering my future icon-making activities (and yes, there WILL be future icon-making activities) just that little bit easier. Keep up this attention to detail, guys, and we should all get along just fabulously...
Tags: culture and art, doctor who, london
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