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Top Fives times four, divided by procrastination, equals...

At last, I've managed to reactivate my inert cerebral matter for long enough to post some answers to that Fannish Top Fives meme from last week. Not all of them, admittedly, but some. That counts as progress, doesn't it?

Top Five Moments from The Good Life (as requested by brewsternorth)

  • "You take one more step and I'll drop you where you stand." Or any other moment in which Barbara demonstrates her inner core of steel.
  • "I am the silent majority."
  • The one where they all get drunk and nearly do wife-swapping. All right, I may be slightly overstating here, but the illicit sexual tension is palpable!
  • Margo's fashion sense generally, of course, but particularly her conviction that every task requires a dedicated dressing-up costume. I would go for her housework outfit myself, if I wasn't worried about being mistaken for a mad fascist.
  • "Don't trip over the mountains. Don't trip over the mountains....."

Top Five Cocktails (as requested by caledonius72)

  • The Caipirinha: I love limes, and this is the best lime cocktail.
  • The Bramble: Scarily easy to drink.
  • The Manhattan: Not too fussy about the type of whisky but should be light on the vermouth. A maraschino cherry to garnish is a must.
  • The Mojito: Weirdly, I had never had one of these until a couple of weeks ago, but now I intend to make up for lost time.
  • The Banana daiquiri: Although it's very hard to find one with just the right balance between fruit and booze, when it's done right it's a joy. And I love bananas. Bananas are good.

Five Top One-Episode Characters that Should Have Had Their Own Show (However Brief) (as requested by sallymn)

The question didn't specify, but I've stuck to the Whoniverse for this one.

  • Jackson Lake fights steampunk crime, of course! At some point he'd get recruited by Victorian Torchwood but they weren't formed until 18 years after the Next Doctor, so... *handwaves massively* But his son would be top jailbait totty by that time, so I'm sure we can work something out.
  • "Hey Nonny, It's Shakespeare!" a.k.a. the Thigh-Slapping Bisexual Adventures of the Bard of Avon. Every episode begins and ends with a comedy sonnet and is packed to the rafters with heaving bosoms, men in tights and pseudo-literary double entendre. Bringing a bit of filth back to BBC costume drama, that's what the public want.
  • "The Ood Life". Formerly servile aliens move to suburbia to start a new life and shock the neighbours. Hilarity ensues.
  • "Cooking with Chantho". A very short-lived show: how many ways are there to serve your own internal milk, after all?
  • "Cybermat and Cybershade": or Mat and Shady to their friends - a jolly cartoon for kids of all ages. I've even started to write the theme song: "They love their Cybermasters / And serve their evil ends / They're scheming little bastards / But they're the best of friends!" Cuddly toys in the shops by next Christmas, I reckon. Order now and avoid the rush!

I would have suggested Ross from UNIT batting the forces of the undead but they already made that show and it was rubbish...

Top Five Dangerous Ladies (as requested by wheeler)

  • Emma Peel, obviously. Not least for her charming modesty about her own kick-ass-ness.
  • Angela Petrelli. She dreamed you'd be hopeless twenty years before you were born, and has been laying down plans to deal with you ever since.
  • Sue White from Green Wing. About as certifiably dangerous as they come. Do not poke.
  • Karen from Outnumbered. Able to reduce grown men to gibbering wrecks with her relentless philosophical interrogation. Pretty impressive for a six-year-old.
  • Anna from This Life. Mainly dangerous to herself, but still iconic. (But This Life + 10 didn't happen, all right?)

I hope to return shortly with the other responses, some of which require googling pictures of attractive bottoms serious picture research, and are therefore exceptionally demanding...
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