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And not a bottom in sight

It's the Sharing Is Caring meme, day two, which means a picture. Or in this case, several.

No, I haven't drawn anything myself, sorry. But I do seem to have quite a few photos of real-world arty stuff that I've never posted, some of them dating back several years. I'm sure I must have been intending to bore you all with them at some time, and yet never got around to it. Weird, huh? Anyhow, here's a selection of aesthetically pleasing things that I have bumped into on my wanderings:

A cute dinosaur sculpture by Jake and Dinos Chapman, outside the Royal Academy (summer 2007).

More dinosaurs by the Chapman brothers. The installation was called "The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth But Not The Mineral Rights", but I think a better name would have been "Everything's Better With Giant Dinosaurs". Because it is, innit?

The stained-glass ceiling lantern at Bishopsgate Library, near Liverpool Street. I took the pic a couple of years ago on Open House weekend.

One of Carsten Höller's slides in the Tate Modern turbine hall in 2006. And yes, I did go down it. It was rather too bumpy and uncomfortable for my liking, but still kind of fun.

In October 2006, I went on holiday to Vienna, and somehow never posted any of my holiday snaps. Anyway, this is one of them, one of the many Art Nouveau buildings there.

And here's another, the front of the prettiest chemist's shop I've ever seen, designed by Oskar Laske.

Vienna again, at the MUMOK Modern Art Museum. The house on the roof was a temporary installation. Very Wizard of Oz, I thought.

And finally, a Native American totem pole from Alaska that stands in the British Museum's Great Court. The light in the Great Court is amazing: everything looks extra cool in there, even in my half-baked snaps.

Alternatively, if you'd like to look at some pictures that are properly interesting, I can recommend Alasdair's photoblog electricana for a regular dose of visual intrigue.
Tags: culture and art, memes, photos
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