Red Scharlach (redscharlach) wrote,
Red Scharlach

Ostrobogulous shiftlessness and other sesquipedalianisms

It's the Sharing Is Caring meme, day four, and this means website recs. I confess, I found this one a little difficult because I only really use the same sites that everyone already knows, and whenever originality is required, I just mention Momo the Hamster and hope that the amusing cartoons about hamster testicles will distract everyone while I mooch away whistling. Nonetheless, here are a couple of places to find tantalizing trivia:

World Wide Words
Fabulous language facts in neat weekly doses. Impress your friends with etymological detail, and pepper your conversation with words like ostrobogulous, cunicular and obnubilate. If you fancy a challenge, you could even pick a few favourite terms and squeeze them into an LJ post. It might keep the acronychal informavores among you off the streets, at any rate.

Strange Maps
Modern maps are cool, and old maps even more so (see Old London Maps if you don't believe me), but this blog brings together all sorts of cartographical oddities: anything presented in map form is fair and fascinating game. I particularly liked this Road Map of Success, which graphically illustrates the way that you'll never reach the glowy stringed instrument of success unless you learn to avoid pitfalls such as Bohemianism, Bad Habits, and people telling you "You're The Hit of the Age".

There's also an obstacle marked "Shiftlessness", which I originally misread as "Shirtlessness". Clearly the latter is quite the opposite to an obstacle to success, especially if the success you're looking for is appearing on my mental Map of Hot Totty* -- as far as I recall, it's straight ahead at Flatteringly Cut Trousers and a hard left at Gratuitous Homoeroticism. Just ask Zachary Quinto if you get lost...

* If I ever put this down on paper, I promise you'll all be the first to know.
Tags: memes, trivia
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