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Commitment issues

My eyes spot them across a room. They look intriguing, attractive. But will they bring the pleasure they promise, or simply tease and taunt me into a mire of unfulfilled disappointment? Yes viewers, I've reached that difficult age where I wonder: do I really need another TV show in my life?

I say this as someone who is two episodes into FlashForward, and at the stage where I must decide whether to commit my full attention to it or not. It's sort of interesting so far, and seems to have got people talking in Real Life, which is something. On the other hand, I wouldn't miss it if I never saw another episode, I don't know if I can stay the distance waiting for some sort of resolution, and I have always wanted to slap Joseph Fiennes really, really hard. So, swings and roundabouts. Another televisual opportunity is offered by True Blood, which also started over here this week, but which I haven't watched yet. The thing is, I find it hard to get excited about the prospect of vampires in anything post-Buffy/Angel, and they certainly don't do anything for me in the sexiness stakes.* But should I give it a go anyway? Is it fun? Is it funny?

In the meantime, I shall continue to rely on Heroes to deliver my weekly dose of Stateside silliness. And that sounds like a cue for some brief thoughts on Acceptance (4x03):

  • It's all going on at the Casa Petrelli this week, with some particularly fabulous action from Angie "The Shoveller" Petrelli. Man, that woman shovels well. "Come along, Nathan, I really want you to remember stuff. Whoops, on second thoughts, maybe everything you've ever owned has some sort of dark and twisted memory attached. Would you mind looking the other way for a moment while I bury this corpse? Pass the chardonnay, dear." Isn't she glorious? I loved Angela pretending to be Sylar's mommy back in volume 3, and I love her trying really hard to be Sylar's mommy now. I also loved her and her equally formidable friend Millie, the founder members of the New York Ladies' Assassin Guild, smiling at each other like a pair of starving crocodiles at feeding time.

  • I'm also fascinated by Nathan!Sylar, especially the way that he's much nicer than Nathan - so endearingly confused, and with moral standards and all that novel stuff. If I had to advance a theory about this, I'd say that it's because Nathan!Sylar isn't Sylar on the inside: he's Gabriel. After all, he doesn't seem to have woken up the Hunger yet, so his brain's on more of an even keel. Or is that just in comparison to his bloodthirsty mama?

  • "I'm like a Swiss Army knife of superpowers now." A great line, although it does raise a couple of questions. Firstly, what's with Peter's "oh, that's mildly interesting" reaction? Wouldn't he suspect by now that multi-powered folk (such as himself and his dad) tend to get their powers from somewhere, not just out of thin air? Then again, this IS Peter we're talking about; perhaps he never thinks that hard. Secondly, where's Sylar's lie detection these days? It's rather convenient that it's still dormant, given that he's a politician and presumably spends a lot of time talking to other politicians, not to mention the tangled webmistress of complicated fiction that is Angela. Maybe he's constantly a-tingle, day and night. This may explain why he's so "overly theatrical", hee.

  • Meanwhile, back in Japan, Hiro's subplot about the rooftop, the accountant, his bottom and the photocopier turned out to be more amusing than I anticipated, mainly due to Hiro's weary reactions to the sheer repetitiveness of it. The resolution was a bit predictable, though. I half-expected Hiro to lend the guy one of the giant Heroes for Hire billboards, and give him a chance to REALLY show the world what he's made of. Or at least, what he sits on.

  • I note that all the "hooray, we're starting the Company back up again" at the end of the last series came to diddlysquat. (Politicians and mothers, eh? You can't trust either of 'em.) So this leaves poor Bennet with nothing to do, other than eat cereal, take careers advice from his daughter (admittedly, that was a nice little scene), and type the words "spinny compass tattoo thing" into Google. Why doesn't he pick up the phone and invite the Haitian over for pizza and DVDs? Then again, maybe the Haitian's too busy sipping Martinis and being an international playboy, or whatever he does when the plot doesn't demand his presence.

  • As for Tracy's "I want my old life back/No, hang on a minute, I don't" angsting, I remain resolutely uninterested. For Kring's sake, if she must stay in the show, give her something to do other than modelling what the tartiest civil servants will be wearing this season. Even Bennet, who is the definition of lonely and desperate, finds her cleavage only mildly more interesting than his tenth bowl of ramen of the week. If those two do get it on, it'll be out of sheer boredom and that's no basis for a fulfilling relationship, is it?

  • Speaking of Bennet relationships, I want to see more Sandra. Is she really living it up like a Desperate Housewife (I hope so) or simply wistfully waiting for Noah to come crawling back (he should, but she needs to be sure he deserves her, darnit).

  • Next week: the Eyebrows have risen from the grave! But what happens next? I am intrigued to find out. I hope it doesn't involve the Carnival of Dunderheads, but my hopes aren't high...

* And yes, this includes Being Human. I think this is the root of my problems with that show, in fact. See, even if they are really handsome, I just don't care!
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