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Let's get hysterical

Before this week's Heroes, a quick telly update.
  • Watched the first two episodes of True Blood and thought it was pretty groovy. It's as camp as Christmas and has lots of shagging in it, at any rate, which can't be bad. The standard TB fangs are a bit weird, though. Too far forwards, surely? I can't decide whether they make me think of The Curse of the Wererabbit or All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth.

  • I'm also sticking with FlashForward for now, although the characters are still failing to grab me and thus I can't remember their names (in my head I call them Joseph Fiennes, Boss-on-the-Toilet, Sulu, Miles-from-This-Life, etc.). Still, I'll be in the market for something silly to fill the gap after Harper's Island finishes tomorrow, so I'm not quite ready to call it quits.

And now, Heroes. Here are some thoughts on Hysterical Blindness:

  • I liked the juxtaposition of Peter and Emma and their very different mothers. At least Peter's prospective mother-in-law is sensible and fluffy (we'll ignore the fact that she may be secretly plotting to take over Bajor). But Emma's... well, don't take it personally, dear: Angela doesn't even like her own kids much. Not only is she ignoring one of them listing his woes when he's right in front of her, but the other one's dead and she's trying really hard to ignore that, too.

  • Much amusement at Claire's sorority speed dating, mainly due to me thinking about alternative answers she could have given, regarding her hobbies ("Lying to my parents, unflattering wigs, videoing myself attempting to commit suicide..."), the scariest thing that ever happened to her ("Well, one time this guy got me on the coffee table, sliced my head open and fondled my brain. But he did put the top of my head back on afterwards..."), boyfriends ("Does that guy count? Do blood relatives count? Errr...."), and why she gave up cheerleading ("It kinda started with a government conspiracy...").

  • To the relief of all, Gretchen is not a scheming lesbian with villainous plans. Instead, she's a fluffy lesbian with slightly awkward ideas about how to come out to your roommate. Claire does not know this, however, so when will the other shoe drop about clean-cut Becky the secretly invisible Carnival girl? (To my mind, sororities are way more scary than fairgrounds, but then again, I've only ever seen them in the movies, in which they are usually havens for demon worship, bitchiness and bad hairdressing.)

  • Funniest moment of the week: Peter suffering from theme music failure when his speediness mojo abandoned him! Sometimes I think his power should be renamed "ability incontinence", poor boy. Still, he has nice hair at the moment, and he and Emma have decent chemistry together, although if I were in Emma's shoes, there would have been rather more asking-what-the-heck-is-going-on, and rather less staring-at-the-shiny-lights. Then again, "don't ask for explanations, just look at the prettiness!" is virtually the Heroes motto, isn't it?

  • Ooh, I like it when Hiro isn't stranded in his own plotline, so I was quite excited to see him turn up in Peter's living room. Is Peter going to absorb Hiro's power now? After all, it'd be more useful in his job than the pretty lights, even though Emma's just discovered that they can also be used for home demolition purposes. However, my fear is that he'll then get manipulated by Samuel who is the new Adam (i.e. boring villainy with an unconvincing accent) and we'll be in for a re-run of Peter's Season 2 brainless streak. And most worryingly, Peter + time travel + girlfriend = certain girlfriend doom. Run, Emma! Run while you still can!

  • I note with some crossover glee that Madeline the pysch consult doctor is secretly from the year 200,000, because she is Cathica from the Doctor Who episode The Long Game:

    Christine Adams on Doctor Who (left) and Heroes (right)

    This means that she could be Sylar's ideal woman, if only because she has a self-opening head. (Convenience food!) Also, her boss is a former Ghostbuster so he ain't afraid of no floppy-haired serial killers.

  • Ah yes, Sylar. My glowering sweetheart has risen from the grave, and has acquired both the most unflattering outfit ever (stained grey tracksuit bottoms, bleurgh) and a bizarre floppy hairstyle that I can only describe as "emo meets a hole in the ground". However, he has been reborn with a wondrous love of TEA and an endearingly wobbly lower lip, and is willing to flash his fabulously alluring midriff to all bystanders, so I'll pretty much forgive him anything. (Then again, I am mind-meltingly shallow.)

  • So where IS the carnival? Is it magically suspended in Nowhere, like some sort of TARDIS with bumper cars? Or is it in an actual place but hidden by the power of illusion, or tied to someone with space-control powers or something? Is it all run by magic anyway? After all, no one ever seems to do any bloody work, least of all Samuel. Were all those little kids around the breakfast table his slave workforce of captured orphans?

    Despite the fact that Samuel keeps banging on about "family" every ten minutes, there is little sense of family at the Carnival, unless it's a family where everyone's too bored to speak to each other. Maybe it's because they can't afford to give all those extras speaking parts, but it seems like life chez Sullivan is basically Samuel delivering portentous speeches into empty space, Lydia rolling her eyes and taking her top off, and Edgar the speedy knife guy rolling his eyes at both of them. I certainly don't know why he wants to offer all our Heroes a home: doesn't he know that none of them can get along for more than two episodes at a stretch? I don't know why he thinks this will change if they all live in caravans, no matter how many waffles he feeds them.

  • Anyway, I have no clue what Sylar will get up to at the Carnival, but with any luck, Edgar will give him a superspeed haircut (snippety snip!) and then he can be given a slow and loving washdown, followed by some tightly-tailored trousers and perhaps a velvet frockcoat, enabling him to lie louchely around the place, looking like sex on a chaise longue and giving this entire Carnival subplot an excuse for existing in the first place. Just an idea, Mr Kring. You can steal it if you like....

In other news, I went to see John Barrowman in La Cage aux Folles this afternoon. Delirious entertainment and so sparkly that it made Strictly Come Dancing look like a student goth night. Magnifique!
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