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Our shadows are here to stay

Before I examine this week's superheroic soap shenanigans, here's my choice for Picture of the Week: a startlingly sexist ad for Lucozade from 1957. Ladies, is your husband constantly disappointed at your inability to do absolutely bloody everything for him? Then pour a fizzy glass of orange pop and beat him repeatedly over the head with the empty bottle. You're sure to feel better in a trice.

Right, on to this week's Heroes, and some thoughts on Shadowboxing:

  • Well done to Claire for coming up with the standard student explanation for anything weird that ever happens, i.e. "OMG we were on DRUGZ!!" And it works... well, for at least two minutes. Thank goodness she's got a back-up plan in the form of her dad, who's finally been reunited with his best (and only) friend.

  • Speaking of whom, has everyone here met René? He's a Haitian, you know. René T. Haitian. (The T stands for "The".) And to accompany this casual revelation, René now has the ability to squish the powers of any invisible people in the vicinity, a handy trick that he was unable to pull off back in season 1. Still, maybe he's been practising since then. (Concentrate very hard... yup, no invisible people here. Repeat as required.)

  • Matt clouds Sylar's mind so that he doesn't know the difference between socks and guns. Thank goodness he's not the sort of guy who feels a need to stuff artificial enhancements down the front of his trousers, eh? Immortal or not, that would surely sting like a bitch.

  • And while we've still got two Sylars on the go, let's take this opportunity for a quick lech comparative aesthetic overview. To my disappointment, while Sylar's body was enjoying snuggly duvet time at the Carnival, there was a tragically missed opportunity for shirtlessness. (No wonder he looked so crestfallen to wake up as Nathan.) Sylar's mind, however, did an excellent job of filling Matt's trousers this week, particularly when seen from the rear. Mmmm, pertness.

  • "I pushed Nathan's memories into your mind" - Errr, no you didn't, Matt. You just pushed Sylar's memories out. Nathan's memories were already in there, remember? Still, Sylar now knows who's responsible for his disembodied state, and is already cooking up a hit list of People I Need Vengeance Upon (But First, Yummy Pancakes). Alas, his daydreamy doodling became his undoing (or undoodling), and now he and Matt have more holes in them than the plot. Still, like the plot, I bet they manage to keep soldiering on somehow.

  • "What would Bennet do?" - Ha! I'm guessing that the answer is "Nothing even vaguely similar to what Jesus would have done, even if Jesus had a taser, which he didn't."

  • It seems that Peter's new healing power has convenient usage restrictions that prevent it from making much of a dent in the U.S. healthcare crisis. It drains out of him, and then comes back, and then drains back out again, making him sound rather like a toilet. No wonder he's feeling a little flushed (*rimshot*).

  • Is it just me, or has waiting for Emma and Peter to get it on become like waiting for giant pandas to breed? It seems like a good idea in theory, but the participants themselves seem much too lackadaisical to get down to business without prompting. I suppose there's such a thing as romance, but it takes a bit more than sparkly lights and two-fingered piano-playing to stoke the fires of passion. In the meantime, I think Peter should get to wear the sparkly tiara because it's "only for very special people" and as he so memorably informed us last season, he is the MOST SPESHUL.

  • Meanwhile, on Home Decorating With Heroes, Bennet is throwing himself into his turn-your-wall-into-a-scrapbook project (on the theme of compasses), but Peter has got rather bored with his (on the theme of "Why I Am So Super, Brave and Noble") and is already taking it down. Perhaps he feels it would reflect badly on him if he manages to take a lady friend home and she finds his living room covered in odes to his own heroic fabulousness.

  • "I think I'm in trouble, Pete." - No, it's not an incestuous mpreg plot waiting to happen (though with hugging like that, you might well think otherwise). Instead, it's Nathan!Sylar (or is it Sylar!Nathan?) coming home for an angst-ridden family confrontation! This plotline has so much fascinating potential that I'm almost afraid to watch next week in case it nosedives off the nearest rooftop, but I shall be tuning in on tenterhooks, nonetheless....
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