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Jeepers keepers

And now a cult TV catch-up bulletin. Yes, I did see the clip of the Doctor Who Christmas special, and my reaction can best be summed up as "Was that it?". Much more entertaining was the Merlin mini-special: straight-faced silliness and a sprinkling of shameless slashiness squeezed into a minute and a half. Who could ask for more? (And if you wish to encourage this kind of thing, don't forget to donate to Children in Need!)

And next, time for a closer look at another kind of heroic silliness, in the form of this week's Heroes. Here are some thoughts on Brother's Keeper:

  • Crikey, Mohinder's back with his ex from the first season. However, she's clearly a one-dimensional harridan with no understanding of Mohinder's need to doggedly pursue long-forgotten plot threads and ceaselessly search for opportunities to use his amazing powers of long-winded exposition, so I don't think it's going to last. I also note that the authorities have not banned Mohinder from having young girls over to his house, despite the fact that the last young girl left in his care vanished without a trace more than a season ago. Remember Molly, everyone? Well, that's more than Mohinder does.

  • Despite her angsty yearnings, I'm sure that Tracy would HATE working on a fairground. She's too well groomed and fastidious. After a couple of weeks of chemical toilets and getting her Louboutins stuck in the mud, I think the novelty would wear off big time.

  • What a shame that Chandra Suresh's home movies predated the age of YouTube. I think "SEISMIC BABY LOLZ" could have been a viral hit. Or at the very least, a decent holdover until he discovered someone with the power to make a cat play the ukelele or something.

  • Well, if anyone has been watching this show in desperate hopes of a bout of scantily-clad Claire/Tracy femslash, this is your lucky week. I guess this is allowed, but Mr Kring should note that I am expecting my rightful compensation in the form of full Sylar nudity within the next, say, three episodes. Just in the interests of equality, you know (ahem).

  • Oh dear, Angela's fastidious cover-ups seem to be slipping. Why did she leave her son's body lying in a box in a cheapo storage bay? Denial? Procrastination? Was she hoping to encounter someone with raising-the-dead powers? Or planning to wheel him out at Thanksgiving to prop up the table?

  • Hold on a moment, surely Nathan's body wasn't even in the room when Matt put the mind mojo on Sylar? (Well, unless it was under the sofa or something.) Shall I handwave this madly as "Nathan" psychometrically acquiring the memory of being killed by Sylar, and then remembering the next bit on his own? I fear I shall have to, unless anyone else has a better idea.

  • Sometimes Claire's so clever that she should be careful her foot doesn't fall o... oops, too late.

  • Oh dear, Mohinder, Mira's not going to be impressed that you've spent all night dismantling small household objects in order to build a magic compass that detects... well, I'm not quite sure what, apart from the fact that it's something to do with Samuel. Does it detect eyeliner, perhaps? Or bad Irish accents? It is ironic, therefore, that it leads him straight to Samuel's brother, who has a genuine Irish accent, along with acting abilities that include more subtlety and less villainous gurning.

  • Meanwhile, Peter and Not!Nathan go to pay a visit on Matt, who is at the same hospital Peter works at, only they've moved the furniture around slightly and we're supposed to pretend it's a different place in an entirely different city, hem hem. Then we get a cleverly shot scene in which invisible!Sylar looms menacingly behind Not!Nathan, wondering firstly how he's going to get his body back, and secondly whether it's been irreparably shrunk in the wash, since it now looks about four inches too short for him.

  • "What you discover may be more terrible than you can bear." - well, René T. Haitian might think that, but apparently the special Petrelli mix of stoicism plus denial runs deeper than we thought. I was expecting the revelation of Nathan's true identity to be the cue for a fest of fabulous facial expressions from Peter, but what we actually got was startlingly restrained: "No, you can't be, and even if you are, so what?" Perhaps it's because Peter's already had to deal with the idea of Sylar being his brother once, so the possibility rearing its head again is a bit been-there-done-that. I assume the true horror will sink in at some non-too-distant point. Or will it? Maybe Peter can only replicate one facial expression at a time now, along with only one power, and his current one is "raised eyebrow, look slightly concerned". Then again, I guess there's an outside chance that Sylar could be camping out between Peter's ears now, given the sparkly hand-magic moment. Hey, at least there's plenty of space in there...

  • Speaking of Peter's powers, just how does he plan to save Hiro now that he's recklessly given up his hard-won healing touch? And all so that he wouldn't be stranded at the Unconvincingly Grand Canyon, one of America's great green-screen landmarks.

  • At long last, something approximating a motivation for Samuel! Despite his sales pitch, he doesn't want to start a therapeutic holiday camp for dysfunctional superpowered folk, but instead wants to leech off their magic vibrations (or something) in order to jack up his own earth-moving ability. Goodness only know what he intends to do with it, though. Maybe move Antarctica up to the tropics and rent it out as a deluxe holiday resort?

  • Dearie me, Claire, don't you know it's rude to put your feet on the coffee table, especially if they are no longer attached to your body? Still, at least you drew the line at popping the stray foot in an ice bucket and using it to chill the Chardonnay.

  • Hiro!! I thought you'd got over your secret sadistic streak when they made you dig up Adam last series. But clearly not. What have you done to Mohinder? Why didn't you just take him eight weeks ahead with you and drop him off? I know he was going to fettle your plans, but why are you torturing him pointlessly when you basically like him?

  • So, every time Peter looks at Nathan, he's going to see Sylar. This begs the question: every time he looks at Sylar, will he see Nathan? I'm probably onto a losing game here, but I'd love for them two of them to become grudging allies again - I'm such a sucker for soap opera.

  • Overall: pretty good stuff, with some long-awaited revelations chugging to fruition, this season's villain finally given something approaching a point, and even Tracy's scenes being lifted by the presence of Claire. The downsides were, predictably, the return of Mohinder (yawn) and less predictably, the oddly muted reactions of Peter and Not!Nathan: there's the subtle acting out of denial, and then there's looking like you somehow missed the point. Still, I'm dead keen to know what Ice Cold Angie's going to do when she finds out that her frozen Thanksgiving surprise has been thawed out a week early...
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