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Birds suddenly appear

Another week, another dose of Heroes. Despite its title, this episode didn't take the form of a musical based on the songs of The Carpenters, which was a mild disappointment to me.

Nonetheless, here are some thoughts on Close To You:

  • "Look at her. How do I explain to her about the world without dampening her spirits?" - I don't know, Noah. I see you've tried using a ridiculously long flashback montage but that isn't going to be enough. Do Hallmark make a card that says "Sorry your Machiavellian grandmother and I lied to you about your biological father having died and been replaced by a mind-wiped serial killer in disguise?" Perhaps they ought to.

  • Meanwhile, Lauren is peeved to find herself on yet another date with Bennet that involves nothing more erotic than repeatedly Googling the words "Samuel", "compass" and "WTF is going on", and pinning scraps of paper to the living room wall. No wonder she walks out: it's enough to make a single woman pine for a guy who spends all night talking about his stamp collection and World of Warcraft. Well, almost.

  • I rather like Samuel's compass notepaper but I do wonder why a carnival would need much customized stationery. Or do they secretly have a member with corporate branding powers, who does all their graphic design for them?

  • Peter gets an unexpected wake-up call from Lydia. "Good morning, Peter Petrelli, this is the Carnival speaking. Don't just lie there gasping and sweating and grabbing your tattooed arm. Get up and move this story along! Heaven knows, nobody else is going to do it for you."

  • Noah leaves for California without Lauren, but handily he has Matt Parkman as a stand-by dial-a-date. Not only can Matt pronounce the word ratatouille, he's also seen the movie and is apparently about to cook the cast. However, Janice seems to have some very cute kitchenware, so I'm sure the presentation will be lovely.

  • Meanwhile, somewhere in Florida, Hiro and Ando are having adventures in institutional healthcare, a storyline that could also be entitled "Maybe if we throw a bit of dirt on those Primatech corridors, nobody will notice it's the same set?" Hiro is still regurgitating the fanboy dictionary, Mohinder is deeply confused after having slept through months of plot (some of us know that feeling), and Ando discovers a total of two new uses for his power: a) as a human sonic screwdriver (speciality: opening doors and enabling ridiculous chase sequences), and b) as makeshift electroshock therapy (don't try this at home, children). It's not objectionable, but it's hardly high art, either.

  • Speaking of new uses for powers, Emma is delighted to find that her magic cello can make any man of her choice turn up at her house. Being a polite girl by nature, she doesn't slam the door in Peter's face and run off to try for George Clooney instead. Peter's reaction to this is to take Emma straight around to his place to show her his collection of "why I am so super, brave and heroic" press clippings (what is it with these guys and their press clippings?) and to figure out a tiny bit of the plot.

  • However, these slight advances are interrupted by Angela, who gives Emma the evil eye, the cold shoulder, and various other socially unwelcome body parts. It transpires that this rudeness is all because she had a DREAM (TM), but she flatly refuses to explain it properly and Peter is obliged to copy her power so we can all watch it later.

  • Over in California, Noah and Matt get sponsored by the Los Angeles tourist office to stand around outside a nice bit of architecture. There they meet Samuel's stalker crush Vanessa and put the mind mojo on her, in the interests of hearing why she ever fancied Samuel in the first place. (The answer: she was a college student! Say no more: the appeal of blokes in leather jackets who talk crap all the time is coming flooding back to me.)

  • BTW, what is it with the proliferation of blonde women on this show? My theory is that Angela is working on having all other dark-haired females eliminated, in order to consolidate her own power base as Supreme Brunette. I also reckon she stole most of Janice's hair in the night and has secretly stuck it all on top of her own increasingly vertiginous 'do.

  • Peter wakes up in a sweat for the second time in one episode (apparently he's turning into Morgana from Merlin, only with less diaphanous nightwear). This time, it's because he's been having a Significant Dream, which involves a) Emma having a deeply unhappy cello experience while a lot of weird screaming occurs outside, and b) none other than Sylar, claiming to have come to save her. So does this mean that Emma will be forced into Pied-Pipering on Samuel's behalf, possibly leading her enraptured audience to tumble like lemmings into a great big hole in the ground? And was Sylar just doing his unconvincing "trust me, I'm not after your brain... ha ha, fooled you, BRAIN TIME!" act? Or was that a red herring, and he's actually going to consider being vaguely heroic in some sense? Or was it a double red herring and I should stop thinking about it now, because whatever happens, it's all going to be vaguely limp and disappointing?

  • Anyway, it all drives Peter to have an uncharacteristically rock'n'roll moment and subject Emma's cello to a bout of Pete Townshend-esque musical violence. Why he thinks this will prevent the future, I don't know; it's not as if there aren't plenty of other cellos in the world. It will serve him right if he has the same dream again, only this time she's banging on a triangle or twanging a ukelele.

  • BTW, what has become of Emma's cat? It was in her first episode but hasn't been seen since. Is it hiding under the bed, wondering when all the musical histrionics are going to stop?

  • Bennet pops in to see Claire, and to reiterate some of the themes he was banging on about in the opening monologue. Claire is fairly unimpressed, however, since she never bothers listening to that bit. Or possibly because she's actually Sylar and the real Claire is telekinetically stuck to the ceiling.

  • Vanessa is not very impressed with the whole carnival experience but Samuel offers to show her something REALLY wonderful. I'm guessing he's not about to add "...and it's in MY PANTS", since she's presumably seen that already. I'm also guessing it's not a blueberry waffle, but with this show, you never can tell. If required to specify, I'd say that it may be connected with this week's other mystery: namely, where IS the Carnival? Is it floating in some sort of no-space or alternative dimension? Or is it inside someone's head? Or is it simply in a field somewhere, and Matt Parkman is just really bad at navigating?

  • Blimey, just when you thought it was safe to go back to your pinboard, Bennet gets some tongue action at last! Admittedly, this romantic advance seems to have occurred mainly because Lauren is bored and there's nothing on TV, rather than due to any Casanovan skills possessed by his HRGness, but I guess he's got to take it where he can get it. Unfortunately for them, their clinch is rudely interrupted by a teleporting crowd of fanboy onlookers, which is yet another passion-killer. Loved the synchronized handwave from Hiro, Ando and Mohinder, though: we'll make a boyband of you yet, lads!

  • In conclusion: not enough Sylar. Were you expecting me to have a deeper opinion than that? Sorry, I'll try harder next time...
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