January 3rd, 2008


Badger or bust?

The denizens of the internet sometimes ask me rather strange questions. In recent weeks, the oddest of these has probably been "Can you draw me a space-pirate badger?"

The source of this request turned out to be Simon Guerrier, author of the Doctor Who tie-in novel The Pirate Loop, which just happens to feature among its supporting cast... yes, you guessed it. Space-pirate badgers, who wear gold earrings, carry rayguns, and eat cheese and pineapple off cocktail sticks.

Well, how often in life does such a charmingly peculiar opportunity present itself? I simply had to say yes.

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I now plan to read the actual book, and so find out what the relevance of space-pirate badgers is to the wider scheme of the universe. In the meantime, you are welcome to try placing unusual artistic calls to my mini-Who muse, although beating this high level of originality is going to be quite a challenge...