January 28th, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une Tardis

The Parting of the Français (and other linguistic adventures in time)

When I am not pondering the more arcane aspects of the Whoniverse, such as what a Nimon's feet look like, I do like to keep my finger on the pulse of international culture. I was therefore enchanted to stumble across the following fascinating foreign film footage on YouTube, which goes to prove that silly science fiction is one area in which British export trade can still lead the world.

So grab a passport and board this EasyTARDIS flight for a jolly journey of delightful discovery and dubious dubbing.

Stopover 1: Doctor Who in German!

To kick off, here's the German trailer for series 1, rather portentously narrated and vaguely misleading about what sort of a series this actually is. Hooray!

If you ask me (and my advisor on Teutonic matters, a.k.a. allemande, concurs), the dubbed voice they have chosen for Nine is much too light and excitable. He sounds like... well, like Ten. However, Jack sounds just like John Barrowman speaking in German, which is a bit ironic, since John Barrowman singing in German sounds nothing like German. (Poor man, apparently he's not perfect.)

The start of Das Ende der Welt (The End of the World) is available too, if you're keen. "Ist es immer so gefährlich?" Yes, Rose, I'm afraid it usually is...

Stopover 2: Doctor Who in French!

Here's the start of À la Croisée des Chemins, better known as The Parting of the Ways. Nine's voice sounds a bit frothy at the start but he sort of grew on me. Jack's voice is a bit young, but okay, and Rose sounds like every girlie French dubbed voice I've ever heard, which is all one can expect, I suppose.

It also struck me that Nine, Rose and Jack call each other "vous", which seems overly formal to me: wouldn't one generally address one's friends as "tu"? But hey, I'm not French so perhaps there's some subtle element of T-V distinction that I'm not getting. Or maybe the dubbing is ropey. Any suggestions, international viewers?

However, I do like "les Seigneurs du Temps", which is French for the Time Lords. And you also get to hear Jack saying "franchement fabuleux" which is frankly fabulous...

Stopover 3: Doctor Who in Italian!

And here's the "I'm coming to get you" scene from the end of Padroni dell'Universo, a.k.a. Bad Wolf. I don't speak Italian, so I really only have two comments to make about this:

a) Whoa, Nine has got a DEEP voice. Hellooo there, bello.

b) Italian-speaking Daleks are absolutely hilarious. "STERMINARE! STERMINARE!"