February 17th, 2008

Junior Reporter

Sunday supplement

In a somewhat vain effort to prove that there is more to my life than Cardiff-based sci-fi shenanigans, here's a selection of the non-Torchwood related things that I've done over the last week.

  • Acquired some new people on my flist.
    Hello! I am flattered that you are here, and I only hope I can keep you entertained. Heaven knows whether I'll actually manage it. Perhaps by mentioning James Marsters half-naked and covered in banana yogurt as regularly as possible? Who knows.

  • Discovered a great new place to eat chocolate.
    And you can read an in-depth review of it over at Very Good Taste, the food and drink blog run by wheeler and me (plug, plug!).

  • Found the missing link between David Cronenberg and In The Night Garden.
    Is it just me, or does Makkapakka's head resemble one of those fleshy video-game pods from eXistenZ? Collapse ) Nope? Just me, then.

  • Continued to watch Ashes to Ashes.
    I am enjoying the series so far, but I don't think I feel quite motivated enough to write a full post on it. This fact itself is probably telling. My thoughts on the matter can probably be summed up Collapse ) Great soundtrack, though.

  • Admired the wonders of nature.
    Predictably, I'm having great fun watching the gobsmacking footage on Life In Cold Blood. What-The-Hell moment of the series so far was probably the python swallowing a deer whole (yes, a deer, WHOLE!), which had to be seen to be believed, but I also loved the hibernating ugly frogs who all woke up and started shagging simultaneously, and also the bit with Sir Dave geeking out madly over some teensy little chameleons. Bless him.

    Closer to home, here's Collapse )

  • Kept working on the next load of mini-Who people.
    So, if a silly drawing of a particular obscure character from either new Who or classic Who would make your online life complete, and you haven't already mentioned it to me, now would be a good time to do so...