February 22nd, 2008

geek girl

"It was just a cry for help, Miss Babs."

Can any of you diverse and intelligent folk give me advice about WYSIWYG web editors for Mac?

For some years now, I've maintained my website using Adobe PageMill 3.0, which I got free with something almost a decade ago. Not surprisingly, I am now starting to find it clunky and out of date, especially since it runs in Classic, which is endearingly quaint but also rather annoying.

I'd love to give my site an overhaul, and am therefore on the hunt for a new and reasonably priced alternative editor (shareware fees would be fine, Dreamweaver price tags wouldn't be). I know a bit about old-fashioned HTML but fancier things like CSS have totally passed me by. Nonetheless, I don't need any flash bells and whistles, just a nice neat way to present pictures I've drawn and stuff I've written as accessibly as possible. Something with easily customizable templates would be good, especially if it allows for a neat design that doesn't look as if I whittled it out of pixelated sticks. However, I'm only running OS 10.2.8, so some of the more recent offerings are out of my poor dear Mac's rather weedy reach.

So, given these overly fussy requirements, has anyone got any recommendations to pass on? Have you ever used NVU or KompoZer, for instance? Or do you know of anything I should definitely avoid?

*attempts to look puppy-eyed and appealing*