March 17th, 2008

geek girl

They're justified and they're ancient

The Rewind-Your-LJ meme, pilfered from pontisbright:
Fannish friends! Languishing in your archive are posts of great justice loveliness - meta, fic, icons, random babblings that you suspect may have been written by the LJ fairy while you were sleeping. Some of your current flist may never have seen them. Some might be horribly embarrassing to you now. But don't be shy. Share 5 posts (or whatever random number you fancy) from the back catalogue of your LJ.

Well, I'm not sure about great loveliness, but to satisfy any mild curiosity from newer members of my f-list, here's a sprinkling of stuff from the days when I did more than just ramble about Torchwood. (And yes, those times will come again, one day...)