March 20th, 2008

It's a big one

Long afloat on shipless oceans

In a moment, Torchwood, but first, wildlife news.

I've got a mouse in my flat! Eeek! I suspected as much a few weeks ago, when I heard scuttling noises behind the oven during the night, but they stopped after a couple of days, and I detected no further clues to a mousely presence. That is, until I was watching Torchwood tonight, and a small brown furry head peeped around the kitchen doorframe, clearly eager to find out what Captain Jack and company were up to this week. My startled shriek of dismay sent it dashing back behind the fridge, however, with its fannish tendencies unsatisfied. Now I can only hope that my humane catchy-box mousetrap loaded with biscuit crumbs will ensnare it before I am forced to make any more unbecoming noises...

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Don't forget now: the next episode of Torchwood is in a mere two days time. Let's hope it's good (as in Friday) and not eggy (as in Easter)...