March 26th, 2008


Partners in crime?

Britain's premier unrealistic fantasy series, Our Government (also known as "Prime Minister Who?") has recently been going through something of a ratings slump, allegedly due in part to the latest sidekick's disappointing lack of charisma. So, in an attempt to perk up the nation's interest, the Powers That Be have decided to stage a big international crossover this week, importing a couple of exotic guest stars to crank up the sexual tension and hopefully distract everyone from the ongoing lack of plot.

The tabloids have already developed a salacious interest in this new episode, primarily due to the fanservice casting of une grande Marie-Sue who certainly knows how to focus attention on prominent issues.

Many old-school fans are disapproving: they much prefer the days before the continuity reboot when everyone knew who the bad guys were, rather than the blatant Britain/France shipping that's now being shamelessly promoted (zut alors, their entente is so cordiale!).

More avant-garde viewers, however, are already cheering for a potential coupling of Carla and Gordon, if only because their obligatory smushed ship-name would be Cordon, and therefore any saucy fanfiction could be labelled Cordon Bleu...