June 28th, 2008

a little less conversation

"Do you remember, (s)hopping for our lives?"

Within the Doctor Who fandom, a surprising amount of energy is expended on shipping. Nonetheless, it is striking that the Doctor's most significant relationships are not necessarily with human beings, or even alien beings for that matter.

I'm not referring to that chair from Midnight: that was just a meaningless fling. No, I'm talking about a lasting, canonically-supported affection, stretching across multiple series, but which has sadly been neglected by fanfiction. That is, until now.

Title: Passion in Store
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Little Shop
Rating: PG-13 for appalling double entendres
Notes: 500 words. Written for whoniverse1000
Summary: The Doctor spends some quality time with a very special friend.

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