July 11th, 2008

Jack's balls

The kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about

Time for an attention-seeking confession. A couple of you already know this, and many of you probably don't give a monkey's, but I recently decided to push back the boundaries of comedy (hem hem) and write a MUCH naughtier than usual fanfic, for the Doctor Who kinkmeme. (Yeah, I know. I blame Captain Jack.)

Although I don't want to post an unlocked link to it on my LJ (oh, the perils of having one's parents read one's blog!), I've decided to upload it at Teaspoon so that the wider world can peer at it. Should anyone wish to link to it there, you're welcome to do so!

Title: Captain Jack's Adventures in Fanfic
Rating: Adult
Spoilers: Features characters from Journey's End.
Summary: Jack can't tell you what he's thinking right now, but he CAN try to write it down afterwards, in copious and explicit detail. What a shame he sucks at summaries...

Story: It's over here!