August 26th, 2008


Kicking it old school

Given my eager interest in TARDIS-related happenings since 2005, it may surprise you to learn that my knowledge of all things Classic Who is pretty patchy. While I was an on-off fan for much of my childhood (dependant on incumbent Doctor and scariness of monsters), I generally prefer to leave those ancient adventures in the rosy-tinted glow of the past, where the exciting bits still look exciting but many of the rubber-suited longueurs have faded away.

Nonetheless, over the bank holiday, I took advantage of the Doctor Who weekend on the Sci-Fi Channel (UK) and daringly exposed myself (shock horror!) to several chunks of classic Who that I hadn't seen for decades. So, in the absence of any New Who to review, I thought I'd share a compact cornucopia of Classic comments, compliments, cavils and caps for your consideration and consternation.

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So, in conclusion, am I going to be watching more Classic Who in future? Well, maybe, but probably not unless it's piped directly into my home on a rainy afternoon. Nonetheless, if I get any sudden urges, I also taped the TV Movie and it's standing by in case of televisual emergency. Eeek. We can only hope that such an emergency never arises... or that if it does, that there's plenty of gin in the house.