October 23rd, 2008

i am a GURLIE

"What happens after 36?" / "I don't know, I guess you fall off the table."

So there I was, enjoying a quiet night in with Zachary Quinto and a small gin and tonic, when suddenly I look at the clock, see that midnight has arrived, and remember that a long(ish)-standing tradition must be upheld before I retire to my duvet.
If It's October 23rd, It Must Be The Annual Poetic Self-Promotion Post

Happy birthday to me
I am ancient, whoopee!
May be heaven
But let's just wait and see...

Goodness me, who's this at the door? Oh, it's John Barrowman, saying that he's just organized a jelly-wrestling competition for a load of half-naked young men in the car park and apparently they need me to referee. Well, I suppose the duvet can wait for half an hour.