November 11th, 2008

Top Gear

Lured from the mountains by the promise of raw meat

By heck, this has turned out to be a miserable autumn weather-wise, but televisually it's still something of a treat. Here's another round-up of what I've been watching lately, and for a change, I'm not going to mention Heroes. (Well, all right, I might mention it just a tiny tangential bit. Ahem.)

Top Gear
I have a confession to make. Five minutes into the first episode of the new series, I found myself thinking "Hmm, perhaps Top Gear has hit its peak and begun to slide into self-parody and I am now bored with it?" Fortunately, the second that Jeremy's customized matt-black "stealth" truck hoved into view, I knew that my momentary crisis of faith was an embarrassing false alarm, and TG is still brilliant. So that's all right, then.

Oh yes, and despite their latest American roadtrip containing Collapse ), who could have predicted that the funniest moment of episode two would actually be Collapse )?

(A thought: does one need to cut for spoilers for Top Gear? After all, it is a "factual" programme, hem hem.)

Little Dorrit
There's often a moment with BBC costume dramas where I wonder whether I'm ever going to get into it properly, or whether it will persist in feeling like a bit of a chore. However, I did a full-scale catch-up with Little Dorrit on Sunday night (the time all costume dramas should be shown, frankly) and now I've stopped feeling like I'm stumbling randomly through a bewigged crowd of venerable character actors and half the cast of Doctor Who, I'm actually getting into it. It helps that I have no idea of the plot of this one, so please, no 150-year-old spoilers.

Admittedly though, there is a teensy bit of my brain that's not paying attention because it's too busy dreaming up a Collapse ) that I would never actually write in reality. But harmless daydreaming in class is allowed, isn't it?

Last Man Standing
I'm afraid I'm just going to keep plugging this programme until someone other than me starts watching it. We're now four episodes into series 2, and the new boys are beginning to endear themselves to me (at least, they are when they are not whining or claiming to give it 110% or any other Apprentice-type phraseology). The funniest moment so far was definitely Collapse ).

Anyway, if you have access to iPlayer, you really have no excuse for missing this quality show. Remember, those guys are out there, being hit by big sticks so you don't have to be...