November 24th, 2008

fluffy thing

The power of the arched eyebrow

The world and his half-human mother have probably seen the new Star Trek trailer by now, and you've probably already decided whether you're thrilled, shocked, horrified, disgusted, bored, confused or excited (or all of the above) by its very existence.

Speaking as someone with plenty of passive classic Trek knowledge but little emotional investment in it, who doesn't really care what they do with the mythology as long as the results are passably entertaining, I must confess that I found the whole thing rather stimulating. It may be true that the presence of a member of the cast of Heroes, however delightful his bone structure, is not always a guarantee of quality viewing (cf. I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here), and I also admit that I always fear getting anticipatory about a trailer, in case I'm disappointed by the film. But hey, in this case, I found I couldn't help myself. (What can I say, I don't get out much.)

Anyway, if your busy schedule does not permit an opinion of your own, Collapse )

Roll on May, I say...