December 6th, 2008

Sylar's off the menu

Superpower cleaning's easy, superpower cleaning's fun

For ages, I've had a vague yearning to become a vidder, just so that I could remake the title sequence for Heroes in the style of Dynasty. After all, the dramatic similarities between the two are too striking to ignore these days (don't look at me like that - it's a good thing!). Anyway, I was delighted to find that someone has already made that vid. The picture quality's not great, but I nonetheless giggled heartily like the 80s throwback I am.

For some reason, flailing over Heroes always feels like a guilty pleasure to me, so on the off-chance that one or two of you are still as gripped by this superpowered clambake as I am, here are my thoughts on 3x11: The Eclipse Part 2.

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In other Heroes news, the delightful Mr Quinto clearly saw my last post about his anatomy AND my liking for men doing acrobatics, and took it upon himself to shamelessly pander to my demographic with this photo. Bless...