December 9th, 2008

Junior Reporter

Goodbye Oliver Postgate

I was very sad to hear that Oliver Postgate has died at the age of 83. If you are British and over a certain age, you probably grew up on Bagpuss, Ivor the Engine, Noggin the Nog, and the Clangers. I certainly did.

This is Oliver P. (left) and his animating partner Peter Firmin (right), making a personal appearance in Harrods toy department, back in 2000. You'll notice that the lurid background is full of toy Bagpusses of all shapes and sizes. In the centre is a very starstruck me, not least because I am holding the one and only REAL Bagpuss. In real life, the saggy old cloth cat is not saggy at all, but quite firm and heavy, with a metal framework inside him for animating purposes. This may account for why I am holding him rather oddly. Or perhaps I was simply dazed because Oliver and Peter had just told me that they'd seen my Bagpuss website (which no longer exists, sorry) and thought it was very funny. I was so flattered.

Thank you, Oliver, and goodbye. You were brilliant.