December 18th, 2008

Sylar's off the menu

Dreaming of a Gray Christmas?

This holiday season, I find myself failing rather badly at Christmassy organization (buying presents, sending cards, cleaning the house), and find my attention being mysteriously drawn towards other activities instead (going to the pub, watching Heroes). So in the interests of welding my own whims onto traditional tasks, here is a piece of silliness in lieu of a card to you all.

Have a cerebral Christmas, and a head-slicing New Year...

And as you may have guessed, the fact that I've now drawn a mini-Sylar also enables the following festive bonus: Collapse )

Please help yourselves if you'd like to give him a good home, but remember that a serial killer is for life, not just for Christmas.

P.S. If anyone is now wondering about whether other Heroes will be turning up in mini-form, I must confess that the answer is not yet. Sorry! But who can tell what the New Year may bring...