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Red Scharlach
27 January 2009 @ 11:45 pm
Ladies and gentlemen (and variations thereupon), I find myself obliged to announce that I have committed an act of Torchwood fanfiction. Shocking, isn't it? In fact, I started to write it months and months ago, but it's been festering on my hard drive, waiting for the final burst of idiosyncratic inspiration needed to finish it. However, the current lack of decent telly has provided that metaphorical kick in the bum, and so here it is. It may not add much to the sum total of human knowledge, but at least it's completely calorie-free.

Title: Seven Days That Shook Captain Jack's Pants
Characters: The season 2 TW crew, the canon pairings, and a big dose of extra silliness.
Rating: Adult.
Spoilers: Only the most obvious one for "Dead Man Walking".

Summary: There is a little-known Welsh saying: "Never judge a man until you've spent a week in his pants." Captain Jack Harkness is that man. These are his pants.

Come this way for the gratuitously naked truth...Collapse )