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Red Scharlach
09 February 2009 @ 11:46 pm
And now the first in a very occasional series, called "I Can't Work Out My Own Opinion So Tell Me Yours".

Have you seen Being Human, the new BBC series about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf sharing a house? And if so, what you do you think of it?

I've been watching it, but I'm finding it rather hard to articulate an opinion about it, other than "it's sort of okay". It's now three episodes in, and if I've stuck it out for this long, it must provide a certain amount of entertainment value (i.e. it's better than Demons*), but at the same time, it's sort of lacking something and I can't quite put my finger on what or why.

Is it trying too hard? Or not trying hard enough? Or perhaps trying too hard to be cultish and yet not trying hard enough to make sense? Is it refreshing that they don't lay down all the mythology for you first, or is it frustrating? Is it a bit embarrassed by what it is? Or is it a bit too pleased with itself about what it is? Are the actors somehow not quite charismatic enough or are they all right but the script is lacklustre? Is the everyday flatmate interaction part well done, but the attempt at suggesting some sort of overarching threat in the background really a bit lame? Does half the costume department want to put Mitchell the vampire in black leather but the other half thinks that's a cliché and wants to stick him in polyester sportswear instead? Couldn't they have decided this before the series began, instead of making him change every other scene? And is he meant to have spent the best part of a century killing people but has only just started to feel bad about it, or have I missed something? And is George the werewolf endearingly sweet or a wet and weedy woobie who needs to grow himself a backbone instead of simply exploiting Russell Tovey's admittedly wide range of helpless facial expressions?

I just can't figure it out, so any pointers you can provide would be most gratefully received...

* Then again, a smack around the head with a big knobbly stick is better than Demons, and probably less damaging to the brain.