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Red Scharlach
In the index of an art book today, I was delighted to discover the existence of Swiss sculptor Carl Angst and French decorative artist Georges Bastard. Now there is a TV detective series waiting to happen. Angst and Bastard: they fight crime!

I can see it now: Angst would be the sensitive and edgy one, Bastard would be the old-school headbutter and groinkicker, and there'd be a lot of dangerous chisel-wielding, wholesale destruction of valuable objets d'art, and homoerotic deconstruction of paradigmatic modernist norms - with car chases! And I've even found them potential arch-enemies in the form of Swedish artist Nils Nilsson Skum and Italian architect Luca Villani. Skum and Villani: it's got a nicely wretched ring to it, don't you think?