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Red Scharlach
04 March 2009 @ 11:46 pm
A few bits and pieces that have drawn themselves to my attention recently:

  • There's going to be a Spanish remake of Life On Mars, and here's the trailer. It's called La Chica de Ayer (The Girl From Yesterday) and is set in Madrid in 1977 (I'm guessing they've moved it a bit later to avoid the whole fascist dictatorship era). Not that I have my doubts about the quality of Spanish TV drama, but I am heavily reminded of this Fast Show sketch. Still, however weird it is, it probably couldn't be any more gobsmackingly strange than Absolument Fabuleux, which is a French film remake of Absolutely Fabulous. The word "pourquoi?" does spring to mind.

  • Stair Porn: all actual stairs, no actual porn. If, like me, you love a good staircase, there's plenty to admire here. Spiral stairs, cantilevered stairs, even slightly scary alternating tread stairs. Gaze upwards and wonder.

  • Or if you've ever wondered what the spiritual lovechild of Stair Porn and Cute Overload would look like, there's always Cat Ladder!

  • Fictional disease of the week: the Marthambles. It's quite possible that the Doctor Who fandom has been suffering from this one for some time. Symptoms seem to include a lot of whining noises.

  • And moving from fictional suffering to the real thing: a comprehensive guide to London's dodgy fried chicken emporia. If these staples of the Big Smoke have ever made you wonder just how many copyright-skirting words can be tenuously combined to make punning references to a Kommon Fast-food Chain, here's your answer....